10 Best BPM No-Code Platforms in the Market

21 min readNov 27, 2023
top no-code business process management platforms

10 Best BPM No-Code Platforms

Here is the list of the 10 best no-code platforms which can help citizen developers or technology people to do business process management or workflow automation.

No-code platforms are helping organizations to design simple to complex workflow and do automation with fewer lines of code. Readymade basic workflows, automation features, approval templates, and app stores are helping to design the business workflow applications and also perform the automation very rapidly and deployment without much dependency on IT.

How It will help

The below list will help to select or choose the right platform for your need as it contains necessary product or platforms details :

  • Name of the products or platforms
  • Average scores based on our expert review, guest review, and user average ratings for respective platforms
  • Review of platforms
  • Pricing if available in the public domain
  • Key features and focus areas
  • Whether platform rated by any leading analyst like Gartner or IDC or Avasant

Listing Top No-Code Platforms

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Open Source, Monthly payment
Pricing Model
Not Available
Analyst Recognition
App Builder, CRM, Custom App Development, Process & Workflow Automation, Project & Task Management
Platform Offering

What is REI3

REI3 is an open, low code platform for business applications with a wide variety of ready-to-use applications, available free of charge. You can also create your own applications to address your requirements with the graphical application builder.

Another low code platform?

Low code solutions serve to quickly create applications to address software requirements with individual apps. Existing low code software often requires a lot of time as applications need to be created from scratch, with simple templates only giving a vague idea of how to start — expensive user licenses come on top of that.

REI3’s goal is to make low code available to any size business and any budget. Professionally designed REI3 applications can directly be installed and used to address software needs. New applications can easily be created to extent these solutions or to address specific software requirements. Your software can directly solve your problems.

REI3 is open source and can be used 100% free of charge with most REI3 applications also freely available. Some examples: Project management, time tracking and password safes.

Complex workflows, email processing, notifications, mobile access, calendars, charts, gantts — REI3 has loads of features for you to address your individual requirements.

Why you should rely on REI3

Stay flexible with REI3 — everything you create or add to REI3 is yours. You can continue to use your applications indefinitely, hosted within your own infrastructure or inside the cloud. REI3 has only moderate hardware requirements, can be installed on Windows and Linux servers in minutes and requires no client installation.

Go pro

If you want to rely on REI3, you can get professional support. With ‘REI3 Professional’, advanced features (like LDAP integration and cluster management) are available starting at 2.50€ per user/month — Services fast and reliable support included.

Want to try it out?

Test REI3 directly with our public live demo system or download the portable version for Windows PCs . No registration, no sales calls, no charges.

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Free Trial, Monthly payment
Pricing Model
Not Available
Analyst Recognition
App Builder, Custom App Development, Enterprise Integrations, Process & Workflow Automation
Platform Offering

What is Linx

Linx is a general-purpose low-code platform for building backends like APIs, automations and integrations. It is an abstraction of programming itself and not domain, process or tooling specific. This means it can be used for any backend application in any domain with no limitations on connections to other tools and service.

Developers design and debug solutions in a familiar procedural style using a drag and drop interface with access to 1000s of ready-made functions. Solutions are deployed with one click to servers running in the cloud or on-premise.

What makes Linx different

The use of a programming abstraction makes Linx extremely powerful. It is not constrained by a domain or use-case driven paradigm and is often used in conjunction with other low-code tools to provide the API or integration services that those tools are not designed for.

Linx Unique features

  1. Programming Paradigm — Linx is not constrained by a domain or use-case driven paradigm and is often used in conjunction with other low-code tools to provide the API or integration services that those tools are not designed for. It also allows for the easy implementation of complex functionality.
  2. Developer Experience — Typical use is similar to working in any other traditional IDEs. Users can build, debug and test functionality using common operations for functions, types and services.
  3. Technology agnostic — Linx works with any tool or service (SaaS, systems, apps and legacy), database (SQL, Oracle, OLE DB, ODBC, Postgres Mongo) and files (XML, Json, text, csv, PDF)
  4. Hosting — 1-click deployment to on-premise or cloud. Security, configuration, logging & metrics are standard.

How does Linx work?

Linx allows users to set up interactions with databases, files, web services, email and other APIs to efficiently perform repetitive tasks and automate backend workflows

Users create solutions in the Linx Designer, a drag-and-drop desktop IDE. Solutions are designed to include server-side business logic, such as data validation, workflow rules, calculations, and more, with unlimited flexibility.

Completed solutions (applications) are deployed to the Linx Server where automated events are executed based on your predetermined triggers.

The typical Linx use-cases

  • Application Integration: Access APIs, databases & files from one application & convert them for use in other applications
  • Web Services: Create REST or SOAP web services, connect to databases, send emails, write files, call APIs, etc
  • Microservice or API layer creation: Use linx to expose your current systems’s functions as a fully-fledged API layer
  • Automate Data Transfers: Schedule or trigger the transfer of files over networks with message queues, FTP or email
  • Business Process Management: Automate business processes to improve efficiency & reduce errors
  • Extract, Transform, Load: Aggregate, synchronize and migrate data across systems and databases
  • Rapid Application Development: Deliver innovation fast without disrupting normal business operations

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Automy logo

Pricing Model

Analyst Recognition

Platform Offering

What is Automy

Automy is a leading cloud-based, no-code platform that enables organizations to set up workflows and automate activities such as accounting, CRM, and purchasing. Professionals can use dynamic forms to set validation rules, keep track of to-do lists, and manage projects in compliance with service level agreements (SLAs). Automy delivers business intelligence (BI) technologies to help firms develop analytical reports and make better decisions.

Automy is a leading cloud-based No-Code digital solution for automating and tracking business activities. Created with a human-centric approach to process automation in mind. Designed for effective user cooperation, with the ability to scale and modify with minimal downtime. Forms with a variety of content and data kinds.

Automy is a no-code digital process automation tool that helps companies track and automate workflows throughout their whole organization. Automy is the world’s most adaptable automation platform, allowing individuals to be more productive by automating corporate operations.

What Automy Offers

Business intelligence software analyzes data and presents it as useful information for making decisions. Database and API REST integration allows for more efficient automation. Eliminating paper-based operations is one of the most significant steps in transforming your company. By utilizing process automation, businesses can speed up their operations while eliminating miscommunications and delays.

Why Automy

The features provide us with a wide range of possibilities, and the no-code allows us to quickly set up procedures. The tools make it possible to connect to APIs from the company’s various systems. It aids in the definition of various business rules as well as the identification of opportunities to automate business activities. It has a lot of flexibility when it comes to connecting with other systems in my organization and turning it into worldwide automation.

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Rindle logo

Pricing Model

Analyst Recognition

Platform Offering

What is Rindle

Rindle software is a platform for creating processes that help teams work more efficiently. The software has features for creating tasks and assigning them to various persons. To match the workflows and add structure to any project, organize tasks in lists and columns. Collaborate with teams to directly comment on a task and export the boards as CSV or ZIP files.

It works with Zapier, Google Calendar, and other services. Rindle allows users to create and automate unique business processes. Trello, Monday, and Asana are not our names. Traditional project management platforms are insufficiently flexible to automate the custom workflows or assist the team in adopting practices. Using no-code process automation and the BPM platform, users can increase efficiency, boost team adoption, and scale the team.

Rindle’s basic concept was straightforward: automation is the future of task and project management. It’s been exposed to the same basic project management capabilities in the same basic types of solutions. And it’s always a solution that makes people want to keep looking for the next best thing.

What Rindle Offers

  • Rindle automates the completion of steps in the process, allowing the team to be more efficient and productive while spending less time on administrative responsibilities.
  • Keep track of crucial deadlines and milestones within the project by visualizing the tasks in calendar view.
  • Create Gantt charts in minutes and provide your team with the project transparency they require. View any project’s high-level overview across time.
  • Each department should have its workflow. Delegate work by mirroring it from core workflows and projects to the department in charge of finishing it.
  • Everyone understands what to do, where things stand, and how to get what they need when they need it because everything is organized, centralized, and transparent.
  • Rindle’s real-time reports summarize critical activity across all teams and projects whenever users need it.

Why Rindle

  • Rindle is a cloud-based process and workflow management solution that promises to help business team members collaborate with a level of flexibility that conforms to the way any organizational team works.
  • With Rindle’s Automations, users can speed up and automate the entire processes of the business. Automations use triggers and actions to speed up process phases, saving your staff many hours monitoring their boards and repeating the same activities.
  • Built-in reporting and filtering features provide users a holistic perspective of your performance, with real-time feedback and visualizations of task accomplishment.

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Joget logo

Pricing Model

Analyst Recognition

Platform Offering

What is Joget

Joget is leading web-based workflow software that can be used to create workflow and business process management systems. It’s also a quick application development platform that goes beyond back-end EAI/orchestration/integration and the task-based interface to provide full agile development features. It allows both developers and non-developers to create apps visually using drag-and-drop tools. JW enables the development of full-featured apps like CRM, healthcare, and human resources, among others, with suitable data management support. At the same time, it improves efficiency and production by completing manual procedures more quickly and consistently.

Joget DX: Joget DX is a next-generation open source low-code platform for digital transformation that is faster and easier (DX). Joget DX is a simple, versatile, and open platform that combines the best of process automation, workflow management, and low-code application development.

Joget Cloud: Joget Cloud is a modern platform for enterprise application development and workflow automation using low-code/no-code techniques. Customers who want to outsource their Joget DX infrastructure for an end-to-end solution can use the Joget Cloud Managed Services, which is a BYOL service. Users may rely on Joget Cloud for an integrated cloud platform that meets their application development, management, and maintenance needs.

Joget Marketplace: Build enterprise web apps and automate business processes for eKYC using Joget’s modern open source low-code/no-code application development platform. With real-time workflow and back-office management, users can remain ahead of the cost and compliance curve, allowing their business to streamline operations.

Designed for Education, Finance & Accounting, Health, Human Resources, Management & Admin, Office Tools, Sales & Marketing, Non-coders, and coders, to manage workflow cooperation and automate the design process. Bridging the business-technical divide, accelerating application development, and digitizing workflows using citizen development efforts are all examples of citizen development projects.

Joget, Inc. is the creator and maintainer of the commercial open source project Joget DX, a no-code/low-code web platform for cloud and mobile application development and workflow automation. Joget DX is the successor of Joget Workflow in the next generation. It allows anyone to build and develop online apps as well as automate procedures.

What Joget Offers

  • The App Center is a customizable landing page that allows visitors to access apps quickly and securely.
  • The Joget Marketplace’s seamless integration enables quick and easy downloads of new apps and plugins.
  • Visually construct and configure process workflows by dragging and dropping.
  • Supports simple and complicated procedures, including synchronous and asynchronous reminder and escalation deadlines.
  • Grids, spreadsheets, signatures, and other powerful form elements are available for a variety of uses.
  • Filtering, sorting, paging, and exporting to numerous document formats are all built-in.
  • Many advanced UI elements, including dashboards, calendar views, charts, and more, are available and responsive to accommodate desktop and mobile devices.
  • Developers can enhance the platform’s capabilities thanks to the platform’s dynamic plugin design.

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SavahApp logo

Pricing Model

Analyst Recognition

Platform Offering

What is SavahApp

Savah is a collaborative tool that allows designers to develop high-fidelity prototypes for web and mobile apps without writing a single line of code. Designers, design agencies, and businesses can use Savah to turn their concepts into appealing interactive prototypes and mock-ups. Users can send these prototypes to their team/clients with a single click, bringing their visual feedback directly to their design screen. Instead of emailing design files back and forth, users can easily invite the design team/clients to projects where they may examine and contribute. Users can invite as many people as they want to each project in Savah. Users can manually drag and drop files or upload files straight from their DropBox account using Savah. New versions can be uploaded and compared visually side by side. Users can pinpoint exactly whatever part in each screen they want to comment on using its straightforward and interactive comment system. Better design collaboration will be aided by this interactive communication between users, the design team, and the users’ clients.

Platform Design Collaboration: Users can invite their whole design, development, and product management teams, as well as clients and stakeholders, to the event. They can interact and exchange ideas, as well as make comments, to improve the projects’ user experience. They will get access to their projects based on their role.

Project Workflow: Users can customize a design project workflow that works best for them and their team. They can edit the titles, reorganize the columns, and add/remove columns to fit your company’s unique workflow.

App Prototyping: Transform static screens into code-free interactive app prototypes in minutes with Savah, regardless of whether users are creating web, mobile, or smart-watch experiences.

Integrations: With the help of project integration management solutions, users can generate a WOW impact for design projects by showcasing prototypes in any browser without installing any plugins. Clients and stakeholders will get a firsthand look at how the product is made and how it feels to use it.

Sketch Plugin: The Sketch plugin can be downloaded and installed on a Mac. They can then submit all or just a few of the images from the Sketch artboard to SavahApp.

Mobile Apps: Users can now prototype offline using the iOS app.

The new SavahApp for iOS app allows users to browse project design screens, upload design ideas, and play or share prototypes with only one click. Users Designed to manage stakeholder collaboration and automate the design process for freelancers, graphic and UX designers, app prototype developers, and enterprises and agencies.

SAVAH is creating a new and improved approach for teams to collaborate and design things. Providing a forum for freelancers, designers, developers, and account executives to share design and receive feedback. Its goal is to assist every design team in realizing its full potential. Encourage teams to accept diversity and build an open work culture.

What SavahApp Offers

  • SavahApp enables teams to create amazing things by allowing them to exhibit digital concepts in real-time, collect comments, and accelerate the design approval process.
  • SavahApp allows anyone to quickly turn their designs into interactive prototypes.
  • Without writing a single line of code, quickly create interactive high-fidelity prototypes for any device.
  • It creates tools for modern teams to build prototypes, engage with stakeholders, and automate the design and approval process.
  • Users can create the workflow and automate the entire design process, from concept to completion.
  • Keep track of version history and upload new design revisions.
  • SavahApp may be integrated with a variety of different applications, including Dropbox, Google Drive, Sketch Apps, and many others.

Why SavahApp

  • SavahApp provides a platform that is both strong and simple to use.
  • Any team’s success depends on its ability to collaborate and communicate.
  • The SavahApp provides a clear image of the projects, priorities, and pending chores, among other things.
  • Users can change the workflows as needed so that they can work with what works best for their team.

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Userflow logo

Pricing Model

Analyst Recognition

Platform Offering

What is Userflow

Userflow is a no-code platform that SaaS companies may utilize to speed up user onboarding. Userflow allows users to create customized in-app surveys, tours, and checklists without having to know how to code. It is possible to convert more customers and boost customer retention. Flows can be viewed just inside the app, with no need to install anything. Any web app can be seamlessly linked with it. The ability to create highly personalized and dynamic flows will be available to users. With Userflow’s easy Flow Builder, anyone can create a flow in minutes. Users do not need any technical expertise because they can simply point and click or drag and drop. With a patented element selection algorithm, elements in the app can be identified based on simple language. Before publishing the flows to the users, users can simply see and edit them in draft mode. The installation code must be copied and pasted into the app or Userflow must be installed. Flows can be used in single-page and multi-page applications.

The main industries of the Userflow are SaaS, IT, Education, Business, etc. The companies who are intend to apply no-code patform can use Userflow to get the best workfow in their business.

Userflow is a self-contained company situated in Santa Barbara, California. It provides a solid foundation for SaaS businesses to maximize their growth. They simply aim to create the greatest and most useful product possible while also providing exceptional customer service. It aids in maintaining a lean, lucrative, and long-term business that is not reliant on outside investors.

What Userflow Offers

  • • Before releasing the flows to the users, users may easily preview and live-edit them in draft mode. • Flows are compatible with both single-page and multi-page applications.
  • • User characteristics can be used to segment and target users by tracking events and storing user information.
  • • Place beacons on any element on the page that user want to pay attention to.
  • • Buttons can be hidden or disabled based on user criteria, such as until a text field is filled in.
  • • Tasks can be used to initiate a flow, navigate to a page, or do anything else the app requires.
  • • When a user completes actions that users specify, the task is automatically marked as completed.
  • • While the customers are getting to know the software, checklists remain active in the background.
  • • Connect the existing knowledge base to the app and allow users to search for articles right in the app.
  • • Users can access their live-chat provider and see e-mail/phone contact information in the Contact box.
  • • Allow blocks to appear only on specific pages or for specific user profiles.
  • • We support a variety of question kinds, giving you a complete survey experience.

Why Userflow

  • The flow builder is fantastic, and there are so many different ways to include logic into the flows.
  • Setting up complex user flows is quite simple.
  • Users can upgrade or downgrade at any time as long as the new plan’s limits are not exceeded.

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ElectroNeek logo

Pricing Model

Analyst Recognition

Platform Offering

What is ElectroNeek

ElectroNeek is a leading integrated development environment (IDE) that aids in the development of robotic process automation (RPA) bots for enterprises. Using a single platform, administrators may design workflows, manage documents, and produce custom reports. It enables IT, workers, to automate the full software development lifecycle, from code authoring through application testing and debugging. Access control, an activity dashboard, collaboration, data import/export, a drag-and-drop interface, forms management, and analytics are all included in ElectroNeek Pro. ElectroNeek Studio Pro includes an application programming interface (API) that allows it to be integrated with a variety of third-party services, including Asana, DocuSign, Dropbox, Gmail, Google Calendar, HubSpot, Intercom, Jira, Mailchimp, and others. Pricing may be obtained upon request, and assistance is provided by phone, email, documentation, and other internet methods.

Bots created using ElectroNeek Studio don’t require any commercial software to run, so customers may deploy them across the firm without breaking the bank. Using the award-winning ElectroNeek Studio, accelerate RPA adoption inside your organization by creating unlimited automation. Robotic process automation (RPA) bots are software robots that are frequently referred to as a digital workforce.

At ElectroNeek, they think that automation, in which people and robots collaborate to create an effect, is the future of employment in every firm. IT professionals and Citizen Automators in enterprises of all sizes may use the ElectroNeek platform to harness the potential of Robotic Process Automation and improve the productivity of everyday procedures in their teams and organizations.

What ElectroNeek Offers

  • Bots may be deployed on any local or cloud architecture without the need for server authentication.
  • Users can assign any number of attended, unattended, or hybrid bots to their team.
  • With Windows Credential Manager, the credentials granted are saved locally.
  • The drag-and-drop editor with no-code/low-code blocks makes it simple to build their bot in minutes.
  • Studio Pro gives users the ability to create complex automation using Python and JavaScript.
  • To expedite the test-to-production cycle and RPA adoption timetable, create bots 10x quicker than with any other program.

Why ElectroNeek

  • Electroneek is an excellent RPA tool for SMBs to employ since it delivers many of the capabilities of the more expensive RPA solutions at a fraction of the cost.
  • Electroneek customer service is excellent, and they have been quick to respond to any issues I’ve had.
  • Electroneek less expensive to use, and it has most of the same features as the alternatives.
  • Electroneek program is simple to use for corporate users, and the command library is broad.

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Revolutio logo

Pricing Model

Analyst Recognition

Platform Offering

What is Revolutio

Revolutio is a unified no-code platform for developing corporate apps and complicated computational processes. Application architecting, data management, process automation, modeling, reporting, visualization, and project management are all included in the platform. Revolutio is the second generation of no-code platforms, offering complete stack plug and play as well as a large number of pre-built connectors. The platform can be deployed on both cloud and on-premise instances, making it easier to use in regulated sectors and areas where cloud providers aren’t available.

Revolutio includes pre-built libraries for computing operations, UI design and administration templates, and the most up-to-date data management technologies. Platform No-code is a leading ground-breaking framework that allows anyone, especially non-technical people, to use visual development to develop software applications without having to write code. Financial organizations can use Kepler CPM to manage credit quality, performance, and provisioning. Asset categorization, collateral allocation, NPA provisioning, portfolio monitoring, and financial reporting are all covered by Kepler’s post-disbursement monitoring and accounting.

RevolutioBI is a pre-built data analytics platform that includes data administration, computation, and visualization. Data Management Studio, Computation Studio, and Visualization are the three main components of the RevolutioBI platform. Credit origination and pricing, portfolio and collateral management, stressed asset management, investment strategy, and operations are just a few of the areas where Kepler MRM may assist with model life cycle management.

Revolutio aspires to deliver real and measurable results via the deployment of new generation technology and applications. Its business verticals are focused on helping businesses achieve growth and sustainability via innovation, rapid implementation, skilling, and scaling.

What Revolutio Offers

  • Easy front-end configuration and pre-built content libraries empower the end-user.
  • Using the pre-built industry-aligned repositories, achieve go-live in a short amount of time.
  • Using a drag-and-drop interface, users can easily build data linkages and sophisticated data models.
  • Create intelligent, high-speed, compute-intensive applications by building complicated data, statistical, machine learning, and image processing models from the front end.
  • Create visual workflows for any business process and connect them to any module in the app.
  • Users may also choose the output format for your visual reports so that they can be seen, downloaded, scheduled, and distributed.

Why Revolutio

  • For a bank or financial institution, ushers in the next phase of digital transformation at scale and speed.
  • Reduces development time for app deployment by allowing front-end users to customize their app to meet their own needs.
  • Reduces the cost of supplying technology by allowing any app to be built on a single platform rather than having to buy different pieces of software.
  • Stateless computation capabilities enable large-scale, near-real-time execution of tasks and sophisticated calculations.
  • Pre-loaded with cognitive and sophisticated analytical skills to improve decision-making in high-profit/low-cost regions

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Quickwork logo

Pricing Model

Analyst Recognition

Platform Offering

What is Quickwork

Quickwork is a full-featured workflow management system for startups, small businesses, SMEs, and agencies. This Web-Based Workflow Management Software features a basic UI and is straightforward to use. Quickwork is compatible with Desktop and delivers end-to-end solutions for Windows operating systems. Drag & Drop, Multi-Channel, Integration, and Formula Mode are all features. It also aids with auditing, versioning, API management, and team management. Organizations may use the software to harvest leads from one platform, enhance them with data from other platforms, promote its products and services from a third, and manage converted customers from a fourth. The program enables users to deliver fully tailored proposals to each lead over any chat channel. Furthermore, any external source may be used to verify the customer’s identity, and the information can be kept in any CRM application. To construct trips, users do not need to know how to code. The application’s user-friendly drag-and-drop capability makes it simple to design personalized itineraries. In addition, Quickwork’s automation specialists have produced a variety of pre-configured trips.

Quickwork is an all-in-one platform that includes all of the tools and services needed to create strong and scalable integrations, serverless APIs, conversational experiences, and more. To deliver a fantastic user experience, businesses utilize Quickwork to construct simple and complicated processes, establish and publish secure APIs and manage conversational interactions with customers, workers, and partners. When an event happens in the source application system, the business workflow may be initiated in real-time. This event type is appropriate for conversational, IoT, financial, and other use cases that demand a quick reaction.

What Quickwork Offers

  • Building processes is as simple as dragging and dropping using a user interface built for citizen developers and non-technical people.
  • Users can create connectors using the connector SDK and publish them with public or private access.
  • With our built-in formula engine and programming connections, users may do any operation.
  • With a single-click deployment, workflow execution and data storage may be hosted in your selected area or on-premise anywhere in the globe.
  • Quickwork has a collection of pre-built data transformation routines. Users can change data according to the needs or as required by the use case by using Node.js or developing their functions.
  • Users can create and manage real-time conversational processes across a variety of platforms, including WhatsApp, Line, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, web widgets, and more.

Why Quickwork

  • It facilitates the difficult decision-making process and ensures adaptability at every stage.
  • It allows users to access data from numerous devices and assists them in creating and seamlessly establishing APIs.
  • Building workflow journeys using the Quickwork Automation platform does not require any coding experience.
  • It uses a variety of techniques to provide the smoothest inter-process interfaces with third-party apps.

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