25 Best Low-Code Application Development Platforms by SPARK Matrix™

24 min readFeb 18, 2024
25 Best Low-Code Application Development Platforms by SPARK Matrix™

25 best low-code application development platforms by SPARK Matrix™

It is no secret that the demand for low-code application development platforms is growing. The demand for these low-code platforms is higher than ever, especially in the tech market. The term low-code usually is applied to any platform that can be used to develop applications without having to write any lines of code. Low-code platforms are becoming more popular with the enterprise market due to their capability of delivering quality software and increased business efficacy. If you are looking for a low-code marketing automation platform, the SPARK Matrix™ can easily help you find the platform that best suits your needs.

In this blog post, you will learn about the 25 best low-code application development platforms by SPARK Matrix™.

Table of Content

  1. What is a Low-Code Application Development Platform?
  2. What is included in the analysis by SPARK Matrix™
  3. What are the Competitive Differentiators used for Evaluation
  4. What are the 25 best low-code application development?
  5. Learn more about low-code application development

What is a Low-Code Application Development Platform?

A low-code application development platform is basically a platform designed for rapid application development that is coded in a language that is easy to learn and use. The low-code development platform is an application development platform that is used to build applications without requiring developers to write code. The low-code application development platform allows to rapidly prototype and builds applications by empowering developers with a high-level, graphical interface that is easy to understand. The low-code application development platform is used for the development of small- to large-scale applications. It is designed to be used for the development of business, enterprise, and mobile apps.

With the increasing complexity of systems and software, the idea of creating software and systems has become more difficult. To solve this problem, a low-code platform has been created. This platform allows users to create software and systems without the need for writing code. With the rise of low-code application development platforms, developers are now able to create software and systems with less time, money, and effort. The user interface is intuitive, and the platform offers a range of tools for users. There are many low-code platforms to choose from, but what are the best low-code application development platforms? SPARK Matrix™ has created a list of the 25 best low-code application development platforms to aid you in your search.

What is included in the analysis by SPARK Matrix™

Mendix, Appian, OutSystems, Zoho, and Oracle APEX are the top performers in the low-code development platform market and have been positioned as the top five technology leaders in the 2021 SPARK Matrix analysis of the global low-code platform market. These vendors provide a comprehensive technology platform with automated and integrated technology offerings and strong LCAD functionalities to help organizations promote efficiently and rapid application development processes by business users and IT professionals.

The study includes an analysis of other major vendors, including AgilePoint, AuraQuantic,Betty Blocks, Caspio, GeneXus, Infor, Kintone, Microsoft, Newgen Software, Oracle, Pega, QuickBase, Quixy, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Skuid,Thinkwise, TrackVia,WaveMaker, and Zudy.

25 best low-code application development

25 best low-code application platforms

What are the Competitive Differentiators used for Evaluation

The SPARK Matrix is a framework that helps organizations with their decision-making. It helps organizations by highlighting the two or more competing options and providing an evaluation of the effectiveness of the differentiators. It is important to know what the best low-code application development platforms are to take into consideration when building your business. The SPARK Matrix will help you make an informed decision on what approach is best suited for your business, that is, what’s the best platform for your business to use.

Key Differentiators:

  • Unified Low-Code Automation Platform
  • Multi-Persona App Development with Fusion Team
  • Enterprise-Grade Application Development Platform
  • Full-Spectrum Development & Flexible Deployment
  • Maturity of AI-Specific Capabilities
  • Protection Against Technology Disruption
  • Vendor’s Strategy and Roadmap

What are the 25 best low-code application development?

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Skuid review logo

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What is Skuid

Build a proof-of-concept app in hours or days instead of weeks or months. Rather than creating code, adjust programs declaratively to reduce the time it takes to respond to user input. A Skuid customer decreased the number of clicks in a data-generating operation. To remove or lessen the requirement for bespoke programming, use Salesforce’s data model and automated workflows. By running within the Salesforce environment, Skuid fully supports Salesforce’s security and data models.
Products Composer: The App Maker is a visually appealing app creation tool that includes many of the functionality needed to create a Skuid-based app. A user may create unique apps in the App Composer without writing a single line of code.
Design System Studio: Skuid app styles are created and configured using Design System Studio, a declarative, visual tool. Because the DSS can only be accessed through the creation of a single design system, the first step in decorating an app is to create a design system to house the app’s own style rules.
Models: Models function as proactive containers for obtaining, storing, and acting on data from many sources. They’re the magic that allows builders to link both standard and custom items through a single interface. They also conduct activities such as creating, getting, updating, and deleting, allowing you to generate and test data without writing code.
Components: Users may interact directly with page data via components, which are the building parts of a Skuid app. Approximately twenty-five drag-and-drop components, each of which performs a particular function. Some components control page layout, while others show data and add items like graphics and charts.
Action Framework: Action System is a client-side logic builder that is declarative. Developers may use it to create complex expressions and processes that can be triggered from several locations inside a Skuid app.
Code Snippets: JavaScript is at the heart of Skuid’s developer prowess. Its powerful JavaScript API allows users to perform client-side Arithmetic operations on any data object from a linked data source and save the results to the data provider’s servers.
Deployment: Skuid applications can use with standard and bespoke functionality in Salesforce’s Sales Cloud, Experience Cloud, and any other cloud developed on the Salesforce platform.
DevOps Tools: Skuid applications may be used with standard and bespoke functionality in Salesforce’s Sales Cloud, Experience Cloud, and any other cloud developed on the Salesforce platform.
Skuid began with the simple conviction that corporate software should no longer force humans to act like machines. Apps should instead act more like the people who use them so that everyone can succeed in the digital world.
Who use Skuid
The most prevalent Skuid industries are Construction, Healthcare, Financial Services, Education, Oil & Gas, Not-for-profit, logistics, Manufacturing, etc.

What Skuid Can Offer

  • Skuid is a simple-to-use UX design-and-deploy platform that allows organizations and enterprises to create and launch bespoke or enterprise-grade mobile apps without having to write extensive code.
  • Skuid improves employee engagement and efficiency by consolidating all processes, data, and apps into a single shared platform.
  • By adding pages, linking data, and dragging-and-dropping components into the page canvas, the builder may construct programs without writing a single word of code.
  • With CRM, ERP, and third-party data all in one UI, you can create and deliver amazing new experiences. Show users only the information they require to complete their tasks.
  • Develop logic flows that react to data that is linked. Render or style UI components on a conditional basis, publish for events, or perform code snippets.

Why Skuid

  • Instead of weeks or months, create a proof-of-concept app in hours or days.
  • Reduce the time it takes to respond to user input by modifying programs declaratively rather than writing code.
  • In a data generation procedure, a Skuid customer reduced the number of clicks.
  • Utilize Salesforce’s data model and automated procedures to eliminate or reduce the need for bespoke programming.
  • By running within the Salesforce environment, Skuid fully supports Salesforce’s security and data models.

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Vinyl I Zudy

Analyst Choice 2

Zudy logo

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What is Vinyl

Vinyl is a Zudy no-code enterprise application development platform that assists entrepreneurs, business analysts, and IT experts in developing small to large-scale applications. Charts have got completed from a variety of data sources. Vinyl allows developers to replicate the design and data access layers, saving them a lot of work. In a matter of minutes, developers can automate a business using Vinyl. Vinyl’s business engine technology allows customers to automate any business operation, regardless of its complexity. The software’s proprietary universal translator allows all development on a single platform. Because of the no-code interface, the program gives you more flexibility when designing new apps. The program aids in the development of more dynamic and responsive apps with a flexible user interface by using data from current applications and systems.

Product Design Layer: To provide complete control over the page design, panels, and controls presentation layer employs a quick responsive environment that requires no code.

Business Logic Layer: VINYL makes it possible to automate corporate operations in a matter of minutes. VINYL’s business engine helps you to automate any business activity, from simple to complicated business logic, including user-defined workflows with email and SMS notifications.

DataAccess Layer: The patented universal translator from VINYL allows all development to take place in a single environment, regardless of the data source. VINYL may access and edit data in a secure manner without removing it from the corporate system.

VINYL’s Lite Integration™: Without altering the underlying systems VINYL’s Lite Integration, binds relates, and displays data at the UI level in minutes. VINYL allows for simultaneous cross-platform CRUD across numerous data sources. Without writing a single line of code, VINYL lets you construct attractive yet powerful apps and charts from numerous data sources, allowing sophisticated analytics to be shown on the same screen. ZUDY Academy Zudy Academy offers clients and partners monthly online training on the VINYL platform.

Zudy Methodology, Introduction to Vinyl 3.0, Data Modeling, Business Logic, and UI for Vinyl 3.0 are among the topics covered. As new courses become available, they will publicize. The classes are for Vinyl Developers who want to learn more about the Zudy Methodology and get a broad perspective. Business Logic, Data Modeling, UI, Zudy Methodology, and Introduction to Vinyl 3.0 are just a few of the included courses.

The most prevalent Vinyl industries include Retail & Wholesale, Renewables & Environment, IT & Services, Management Consulting, Real Estate, Care, Med-Tech, Engineering, Hospital & Health Care, Construction & Workmanship, etc.

Vinyl is dedicated to providing infrastructure and application support, application development services, cloud hosting services, and free collaboration and project management solutions from Zudy to its clients.

What Zudy’s Vinyl Can Offer

  • Vinyl allows users to alter or write their HTML, JavaScript, or CSS code.
  • Users can use programming languages to update or create bespoke code.
  • It has capabilities for embedding brand logos, colors, phrases, and other proprietary information, among other things.
  • Vinyl provides basic application templates on which users may construct their applications and adapt for certain users and tasks.
  • For users browsing the app, Vinyl lets them create page sequences, forms, and libraries.
  • When developing a new application or changing data sources, it allows users to add data from existing sources.
  • Vinyl updates data in real-time as users or external data sources make changes.
  • Vinyl encrypts important data or offers a firewall to prevent outsiders from accessing it.
  • When building a new application or changing data sources, users can add data from existing sources.
  • External parties cannot access sensitive data unless it is encrypted or protected by a firewall.
  • Vinyl allows users to create cross-platform programs or give unique device templates.
  • Vinyl allows you to manage your application and maintenance from start to finish, from development to release to deactivation.
  • Vinyl allows you to manage your application and maintenance from start to finish, from development to release to deactivation.
  • It has capabilities for embedding brand logos, colors, phrases, and other proprietary information, among other things.
  • Vinyl provides application templates that you may build on top of and adapt for certain users and tasks.

Why Zudy’s Vinyl

  • Without writing a single line of code, Zudy’s Vinyl platform can let businesses create sophisticated, fully connected, bi-directional apps.
  • Vinyl applications operate on all devices and allow any company to create scalable, versatile, readily adjustable, progressive “Enterprise Ready” apps in about one week, rather than months or years.
  • Businesses may reduce development costs by 90% and accelerate digital transformation significantly with the platform.
  • Zudy adds to our strategic network of industry-leading low-code and no-code partners.
  • The platform is equally accessible to citizens, developers, and professional developers.

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What is Quixy

Quixy is a cloud-based, no-code resident development platform for small to medium-sized businesses. It enables non-software developers to computerize structures and work processes and construct basic to sophisticated enterprise-grade applications for their unique requirements in a fraction of the time. Quixy helps businesses become more inventive, productive, and transparent by automating laborious procedures and swiftly turning ideas into apps. In minutes, users may create their apps or alter pre-built apps from the Quixy app store.
Platform User Interface: Quixy’s easy-to-use UI builder assists in the construction of the best possible user interface. It can use to make a six-segment user interface.
Workflow: With Quixy, the customer may use a simple visual interface to illustrate any cycle and put together basic sophisticated work processes in a matter of seconds. It is sequential, equal, and conditional. Templates: The users can go quickly with the platform’s ready-to-use templates for general business tasks. Most of the things included here are Applicant tracking, employee onboarding, project management with the task, IT management, leave, travel, expense management, CRM, etc.
Datatable: Quixy’s enables the storage of a broad range of data such as photos, documents, numbers, and other types of data in data tables while allowing CRUD operations to edit the data.
Integration: Using ready-to-use connectors, webhooks, and API Integrations, it is possible to push data to third-party systems or extract data from them. Users The most prevalent Quixy industries include Accounts & Finance, Administration & Operations, Customer Service, Field Service, Human Resources, IT Operations, Legal, Procurement, Project Management, Research & Development, Sales & Marketing, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Logistics.
Quixy’s easy visual platform allows corporate clients to design and create new enterprise-grade apps of varying complexity without writing a single line of code.

What Quixy Offers

  • No-Code Apps Development facilitates the creation of bespoke apps that support a company’s business activities quickly and effectively.
  • Modeling, automation, monitoring, and optimization of business processes and workflows for maximum value are all possible with Business Process Management.
  • It helps to construct a digital workplace by automating, organizing, optimizing, and measuring work throughout the business on a single digital platform.
  • The agile project management methodologies support the effective and efficient management and separation of projects.
  • CRM helps in creating a central hub for sales automation, including the tracking of contacts, accounts, and prospects.
  • Consistent and Streamlined Banking assists in the improvement and automation of routine processes such as e-articulations, balance message automation, and the centralization of all data and information.
  • Representative Training Management assists the low-code platform’s proclivity to automate as many preparation work processes as possible, from catching preparing needs to planning preparing, and, surprisingly, figuring out how to get attendances during instructional meetings and gathering input for instructional courses led.

Why Quixy

  • Natural App Building makes it simple to use a 5-venture simplified application developer to build and distribute apps ten times faster.
  • Progressed effort grade security focuses on assisting you to boost security, assurance, and control quickly.
  • Continually expands application capabilities by integrating with any external framework via API-based mix.
  • Adaptable to business change maintains the ability to quickly and effectively repeat programs to add value in response to changing business requirements.
  • Thanks to a responsive application plan that allows access from anywhere, at any time, using any device with or without a network,
  • Using prebuilt layouts, simplified simplicity, and rapid setup, it assists in quickly building and dispatching apps.

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What is Caspio

Caspio is a one-of-a-kind, cloud-based, and simple-to-use program that offers an all-in-one platform for customers to easily construct bespoke database applications. This tool includes all of the capabilities you’ll need to quickly design, construct, and deploy your bespoke database applications. Caspio serves as the most trustworthy and secure data storage for all of its customers, in addition to being a user-friendly software solution. Caspio is supported by an MS SQL server, which is incredible. As a result, it provides a separate database for users to submit their data and then generate forms and reports using the many tools offered. Caspio.co is a software firm whose main office located in USA, but the branches are in Ukraine, Poland, and Philippines. It is based in Sunnyvale, California. Frank Zamani developed Caspio in the year 2000. When compared to traditional software development, the company’s original focus was on simplifying bespoke cloud applications and lowering development time and cost.

Solution from Caspio

  • Caspio is one such fantastic platform that enables anyone to develop unique cloud apps. Surprisingly, this platform has been named the industry’s low-code leader.
  • This platform provides an open API for its users to enable the highest possible customization and customization options.
  • Caspio has created an intuitive drag-and-drop editor that makes designing database apps a breeze for everyone.
  • Caspio’s Online Databases Without Coding Software allows users to share information with other people, link data to other services, and remove spreadsheet clutter, among other things.

Caspio Academic Program

Caspio Academy offers a free learning of developing apps in a low-code platform. The offers is basically for the instructors and students. Caspio Academy offers the following methods of learning:

  • Rapid Development Platform
  • Self-Serve Learning Material
  • Industry-Leading Technology Functions
  • With a large chart library, charts and dashboards update data visualization. Dynamic dashboards with user-driven filtering and drill-down features assist in making real-time choices.
  • Caspio allows you to personalize interactive reports by providing interactive search, downloading data, displaying picture galleries, and enabling editing rights.
  • Caspio allows you to create custom forms that support all of the data you need to collect.
  • Automated workflows and notifications streamline operations by making it simple to assign tasks, authorize requests, trigger next actions, and follow status updates.
  • Caspio provides a variety of mobile-friendly style templates as well as the option of creating a bespoke style to complement the brand.

Caspio’s principles include providing high-quality service to its clients, staff, and the local and worldwide communities. Users Most of the Caspio users are Healthcare, Government, Education, Consulting, Media, Nonprofits

Why Caspio

  • Caspio’s wizard-based interface includes all of the functionality needed to create good database applications without coding.
  • Working with Caspio’s cloud-based solutions does not need you to get your hands dirty with technical details.
  • Caspio provides enterprises with extremely safe and secure data management services.
  • Caspio may be integrated with a variety of common tools and services to make the building of database applications easier and more convenient.

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Analyst Choice 5

genexus logo

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What is GeneXus

GeneXus is a knowledge representation-based, Low Code, cross-platform development tool aimed primarily at enterprise-class applications for online apps, smart devices, and the Microsoft Windows platform. It’s a web and mobile app development powerhouse that creates enterprise software and apps that employ big data to fuel business insight from any device. It creates unique software solutions for Fortune 500 companies, governments, and charitable groups all around the world, using smart technology to solve business problems. GeneXus is the only U.S. distributor of the GeneXus software development suite, as well as a portfolio of cutting-edge tools for iOS, Android, Windows 8, and BlackBerry.

Veronica Buitron, owner and CTO of GeneXus, leads a team of developers and IT consultants that create business apps that seamlessly combine data flows and expedite informed communication in real-time. GeneXus sponsors a variety of philanthropic organizations and business incubators under the direction of CEO Dane Drotts. GeneXus is based in Montevideo and was formed in 1988. ARTech Consultores is the company behind it.

What GeneXus Can Offer

GeneXus BPM Suite– With our Business Process Management and Optimization Suite, you can simplify, automate, and improve your company’s operations and system development.

GeneXus Query– GeneXus Query is a GeneXus reporting tool that allows you to study and analyze your company’s data using a simple “drag and drop” system of filters and variables to obtain the information you need to make the best decisions.

GeneXus Server– GeneXus Server helps you write applications faster. Version control and knowledge integration are automated, and the entire solution is hosted on the server.

GXtest– CI/CD allows you to catch issues early and minimize cycle times by automatically performing tests in your pipeline. GXtest makes it simple to test many aspects of your program, from batch operations to user interfaces.

GXportal– allows you to construct and manage websites without having to know how to code by using a user-friendly online interface that allows anybody to design and submit material on the site with very little effort.

GeneXus Mobile Generator enables you to create corporate and end-user applications for Android and iOS in a speedy and safe manner (iPad and iPhone).

GeneXus Key Functions

  • By using the Mobile Generator, you can quickly develop native mobile applications for Android and iOS and connect them to your company.
  • Web Applications Generator is used to generate net applications.
  • Legacy RPG, Cobol, and Visual Fox code generators have weathered the test of time, even if they are no longer maintained.
  • Create smarter apps using SAP’s Leonardo ML Foundation’s Machine Learning and Cognitive Services, IBM’s Watson, Google’s Cloud AI, Amazon Web Services’ Machine Learning, and Tencent’s AI Open Platform.
  • Simplify the process of creating intelligent chatbots and voice assistants by utilizing the most popular Machine Learning and Chatbot Engines and platforms.
  • With GeneXus and the.NET Core generator, you may create Web Applications that leverage Microsoft’s most recent cross-platform language.

Automating anything that can be automated to make software development easier. To make it as simple as possible for individuals to develop great applications. Users Global organizations employ GeneXus’s products in industries such as Forestry & Fishery, Agriculture, Construction, Education, Finance/Insurance, Food & Beverages, Government, Health & Community, Hospitality, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Property & Business Services, Retail & Trade, Transport, and other industries tool.

Why GeneXus

  • GeneXusTM is a flexible development platform that allows your company to quickly update and distribute software as technology evolves.
  • GeneXusTM speeds up application development by creating everything from databases to code, frontend to backend, and server-side to client-side services automatically.
  • GeneXusTM creates apps for a variety of platforms, including native apps for mobile and smart devices, Apple Watch and Apple TV, responsive and progressive web apps, and even Chatbots and Virtual Assistants.
  • GeneXusTM enables you to link your application with current and external systems, add new features, or build a whole new system. It also makes it easier to access and handle data from a variety of platforms without having to change your present systems.

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Analyst Choice 6

wavemaker logo

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What is WaveMaker

WakeMaker is a low-code development stage that runs on the cloud. A bespoke information model architect, outlining, representations, API originators, programmed data restriction, execution checking, programmed reason screens, and gadgets are only a few of the highlights. Organizations that locate on-site are also available. Its key features are diagramming, perceptions, API architects, programmed information restrictions, execution checking, programmed reason displays, and gadgets. Clients may create flexible applications using a user-friendly interface that includes gadgets, formats, matrices, clear diagrams, and several themes. QR code readers, timetables, geolocation, and contact IDs are examples of app highlights. Fractional pages, several page routes designs, and material plans are available. MYSQL, Oracle databases, Yammer, SharePoint, Amazon portable investigation, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Maps are among the prebuilt combinations available in WakeMaker. The administrations provide on a month-to-month basis. WakeMaker Rapid is available for iOS and Android devices and includes a web-based helpdesk.

WaveMaker Products

The following products from WaveMaker can help to boost the business with customization power.

  • Studio: WaveMaker Studio is a one-stop shop for combining the power of bespoke code with the quickness of low-code.
  • Platform: The WaveMaker platform is designed to update center stages while also accelerating item development. It offers a very adaptable and reliable foundation that integrates a wide range of current front-end, mobile, back-end, and devOps innovations for rapidly fabricating and delivering enterprise-grade aPaaS platforms.
  • Solutions: Skilled development teams may use the WaveMaker low-code platform to increase functional efficiency and reduce time to value. Low-code isolates complications throughout the development life cycle, allowing teams to focus on application development while remaining adaptable. Its low-code technology assists large organizations in modernizing project applications without affecting current operations. The developers of the product stage have constructed a component-based, API-first, cloud-local low-code platform that allows them to swiftly produce unique products and assist their clients in joining the firm sector. Users The most prevalent WaveMaker industries include financial services, government, healthcare & life science, manufacturing, media, real estate, retail, travel, transportation, and hospitality.

WaveMaker is a popular Java low-code platform that helps developers quickly create modern, adaptive, and secure programming products and applications. WaveMaker’s main purpose is to provide programmers with a flexible low-code platform that allows them to collaborate and increase the efforts of central programming development teams.

Offering from WaveMaker

  • Create stunning Forms, Tables, Interactive Charts, and other visual elements for your apps. Create the information model and investigate information and its relationships.
  • Collaborate successfully with your database, API environment, or other record frameworks, consuming information and business logic to build current interfaces. Development that empowers joining forces with a diverse group of security vendors to provide comprehensive verification support for your application, including single sign-on across several apps across large corporations.
  • Send apps to any open cloud provider or private cloud foundation with a single click with robotized construct, design, package, and delivery.
  • API organizations do complex blends to create “Experience APIs” that are closer to business capabilities, allowing normalized access to corporate data and administrations.
  • WaveMaker’s AngularJS framework streamlines gadgets and code resources for the smallest possible final app size.

Why WaveMaker

  • When it comes to developing outstanding apps, WaveMaker provides a solution that ensures the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).
  • WaveMaker gives you total merchant autonomy, so you won’t have to worry about developing apps in a restricted environment.
  • WaveMaker provides a project-grade stage that has been tested in a variety of association sizes as well as risk levels.
  • WaveMaker supports Microservices-based application delivery in addition to providing an API-driven turn of events.

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Analyst Choice 7

thinkwise logo

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What is Thinkwise

Thinkwise is a low-code software development company based in the Netherlands. Businesses may use this solution to construct the applications they require for their operations and increase organizational efficiency. Thinkwise can help you modernize your older systems. It’s a flexible, future-proof program that can develop and grow your business. This holds true for the Thinkwise platform’s end apps as well. Enterprises in more than 32 countries use Thinkwise’s platform. The vendor licenses its platform to system integrators and software providers so that they may use it to build products for their clients. Thinkwise strives to update its software on a regular basis, and its R&D department maintains it up to speed on the latest technology trends and advances. The company’s headquarters are in Apeldoorn, with offices in Eindhoven and Rotterdam.

Thinkwise Offering

  • Thinkwise is the first low-code platform geared to commercial application development on a wide scale.
  • Use the platform to replace and avoid old software with apps that are a great match for the company and stay technologically up-to-date automatically.
  • Clear the backlog quickly and decommission old software to restore the organization’s flexibility.
  • Even after installation, the software aids in seamless integration and adaptability.
  • The Software Factory is a development studio where all visual models and procedures are created. This allows you to generate the digital blueprint that the platform will utilize to build the app.

Why Thinkwise

  • The Thinkwise Platform helps you to make the most of your software applications by ensuring that they are completely functional on all devices, are always up to date, and are easily customizable.
  • Thinkwise’s platform is much more than low-code software; it was built for large-scale corporate projects.
  • Thinkwise makes your systems technology-independent by requiring just the preservation of a digital blueprint.
  • Thinkwise provides a flexible framework that allows for rapid program change even after it has gone live.

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Analyst Choice 8


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What is TrackVia

TrackVia is a work process programming development platform that allows users to create unique apps for a variety of jobs. It is reasonable for large corporations in a variety of industries, including development, manufacturing, medical care, professional administrations, money, and energy. Organizations may use TrackVia to create their apps using a simple interface or by transferring data from an accounting website. Clients can use a variety of services, including customer relationship management (CRM), resource management, marketing automation, help desk, seller management, and human resources. When a customer transfers an accounting page, TrackVia creates apps that may include information structures and graphical reports.

TrackVia Platforms

  • IT Pros: Assists in getting the primary no-code/low-code application to manage IT accumulation quickly, create and coordinate apps, or leave it up to the interaction smart resident engineers to build and oversee them all on their own.
  • Business Users: Assists in the development of the change that clients require in their working day. It aids in the conversion of cycling skills into web and mobile applications that make even the most basic tasks easier.
  • No-code/Low-code: TrackVia provides emerging enterprises with a faster, easier, and more intelligent way to create enterprise-grade online and mobile apps that improve business speed, readiness, and efficiency.
  • Instant Form Builder: TrackVia does not need any code. FastTrack transforms paper or PDF structures into applications that may be used right away. Users The most prevalent TrackVia industries include Financial, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Utilities & Energy, Construction, and more.

TrackVia sees a world where each employee can transform their process knowledge into fantastic software that makes their job simple, faster, and better. Its goal is to enable non-developers to create work apps without writing code.

TrackVia Offerings

 Clients have the ability to change or generate custom HTML, JavaScript, and CSS code.

 Customers can work with base-level application layouts that they can alter for individual clients and activities.

 Creates off-page groupings, hierarchies, and libraries for clients studying the application.

 While the underlying application is being constructed or information sources are being modified, customers can submit data from current sources.

  • To prevent unwanted access to sensitive data, it encrypts it or offers a firewall.
  • Allows users to create cross-platform apps or give specialized device templates.
  • Allows you to create a workflow based on business logic or a specific situation to assign work to various employees according to rules.
  • Provides a no-code or low-code environment where the user may create apps and workflows, complete with drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Provides the user with the ability to manage documents, including versioning and integration with third-party programs.
  • Establish triggers and alerts to notify and route information to the right individuals. The action is necessary within the compensation process to streamline the flow of work activities.

Why TrackVia

  • Make and deliver unique low-code web and mobile apps in days, not months, and let our innovation work for you rather than against you.
  • Ensure that your apps are continually up to date with your company’s changes.
  • Change the framework fast and easily using simplified code, or for more extensive framework updates for IT or specialist clients, swiftly integrate code directly into your application.
  • Allow employees to quickly protect, track, and recover relevant and up-to-date data in the field, distribution center, nearby, or at work.
  • With real-time reporting on consolidated data, you can make better decisions throughout the company and value chain.
  • Easily Integrate with or grant access to your other internal systems to guarantee that data gets to the proper locations on time.

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