5 Best Smart Bots Development Low-Code Platforms

25 min readFeb 23, 2024
best low-code smart bots development platforms

5 Best Smart Bots Development Low-Code Platforms for Citizen Developers

Here is the list of 5 best smart bots low-code platforms that can help citizen developers or technology person to build custom applications. Low-code is helping organizations to build simple to complex applications with less number of line of code. Readymade features, prebuilt templates, and app store are helping to build the application very rapidly and deployment without much dependency on IT.

Listing Top Platforms — Best Smart Bots

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HubSpot logo

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What is HubSpot

HubSpot is a CRM platform that offers software and assistance to help companies expand more effectively. This platform contains tools for marketing, sales, service, and website management that are free to use and scale to meet the demands of the customers at every level of development. Thousands of customers utilize its powerful and simple-to-use tools and integrations to attract, engage, and delight customers all around the world.
No matter what position users play, HubSpot’s CRM covers all the bases to help the organization establish strong relationships with its customers. The HubSpot CRM will assist in getting the job done, whether they are in sales, marketing, customer support, operations, or all of the above.
Marketing Hub: HubSpot’s marketing software includes everything users need to create successful inbound marketing campaigns that pique people’s attention and make them want to do business with business. It’s a one-stop-shop for all of the marketing products. Starter, Professional, and Enterprise are the three editions of Marketing Hub.
Sales Hub: HubSpot’s sales CRM software comes with a full range of capabilities aimed at increasing productivity, shortening deal cycles, and making the sales process more human-friendly — all without adding to the workload. The entire sales force will be equipped with the tools they need to schedule more meetings and close more deals with far less effort. Starter, Professional, and Enterprise are the three editions of Sales Hub.
Service Hub: Customer service software from HubSpot allows users to connect with customers and give them with an outstanding customer service experience. The customer care representatives will have the tools they need to connect with customers and boost their happiness. Starter, Professional, and Enterprise are the three editions of Service Hub currently available.
CMS Hub: CMS Hub simplifies website changes, hosting, and infrastructure so users can focus on providing exceptional customer service and expanding the business. Marketers may simply construct, edit, and optimize website pages on their own, while developers can use the tools of their choice to code complex solutions. Starter, Professional, and Enterprise are the three editions of CMS Hub.
Operations Hub: HubSpot’s operations software contains a comprehensive set of tools for connecting business apps, syncing and cleaning client data, and automating every step for a more efficient business and a frictionless customer experience. Starter, Professional, and Enterprise are the three editions of Operations Hub.

What HubSpot Offers

  • A deal dashboard that users can customize to see the full sales funnel.
  • Email tracking, meeting scheduling, live chat, and prospect tracking are just a few of the features available.
  • Integration with Gmail and Outlook, as well as email templates, make it simple to email and engage with leads.
  • Features such as email notifications, company insights, and pipeline management will help users keep on top of all of the leads.
  • Customer deals and sales activity are automatically logged and updated.
  • A built-in activity stream that sends out notifications as soon as a lead opens an email, clicks on a link or downloads a critical document.
  • Up to 1 million contact and company records can be stored.
  • Within the HubSpot CRM, businesses may record sales calls, send emails, plan activities, and assign tasks.

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Chatlayer logo

Pricing Model

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What is Chatlayer

Chatlayer uses AI to enable smart businesses to have genuine, valued connections with their customers. Its clients are global leaders in their fields, and they utilize intelligent chatbots to boost quality, productivity, and customer intimacy. It’s available in 125 languages and on a variety of platforms.

Its chatbots can be set up without the need for coding skills. The easy-to-use industry templates allow users to get started right away, and their HR bot, Customer Service AI, eCommerce voice assistant, or other bot solution will be up and running in no time. The AI Chatbot platform can help businesses improve customer satisfaction, efficiency, and conversion.

What Chatlayer Offers

  • The bot can be built without any coding knowledge on the part of the user. Simply get started.
  • They can chat in over 100 languages, allowing users to communicate with people all over the world.
  • Users can have complete control over the data they saved. There are no data leaks.
  • Create a bot and deploy it to any channel. Increase interaction across numerous platforms.
  • To provide a highly trustworthy experience, proprietary AI and Natural Language Processing techniques are used.
  • Instantly get an AI-powered bot with some of the best-practice industry templates that users can adjust for the company’s needs.
  • The templates can be modified to suit customers in the business, tailoring them to their specific demands without sacrificing the brand’s tone.

Why Chatlayer

  • Chatlayer’s next-generation conversational engagement technology facilitates genuine dialogues between businesses and their customers.
  • Chatbots serve as a link and amplifier for both traditional customer service and marketing operations.
  • Bots can make it considerably easier for agents to obtain client information.
  • Users of Chatlayer by Sinch’s conversational AI chatbots can scale up their businesses.

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NITRO Studio


Nitro Studio logo

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What is Nitro Studio

The NITRO Studio platform from Crow Canyon Software is a no-code/low-code, inexpensive, powerful, and complete business process automation platform for Microsoft SharePoint 2013, 2016, 2019, and Office 365 & Teams. It comes with an unlimited number of forms and workflows, as well as a WYSIWYG forms designer, a workflow manager, reporting tools, a self-service site, Microsoft Teams connection, and NITRO Teams Bots for Office 365. These helpful tools can assist the company is undergoing digital transformation.

NITRO Forms: With NITRO Forms, users can create and deploy custom forms in SharePoint and Office 365. Users may create, edit, and view list items using these highly functional forms, which provide an appealing and usable interface. With various features and capabilities, NITRO Forms enables the creation of the forms users to need, giving complete control over how data is displayed and user input is handled.

NITRO Workflow: NITRO Workflows and Custom Actions empower users to easily and efficiently automate and optimize any business process. Workflows can be simple or complicated, and they can be triggered by user input, data changes, system events, or a timer. Robust features boost developer productivity while being simple enough for power users to utilize.

NITRO Reports: NITRO Reports is a leading tool for creating bespoke reports using SharePoint data. It includes all of the graphs, charts, and tables needed to thoroughly examine company processes and results. The reports can be viewed in the Report Center or embedded in SharePoint sites to create dashboards and informative work environments.

Crow Canyon extends Office 365 and SharePoint collaboration platforms to provide employees with the tools they need to automate business processes. It offers an integrated, modular suite of applications from which users may select the best solutions for their businesses. With its pre-built business applications or applications users create with NITRO Studio, engage and empower employees whether in the office or remotely.

What NITRO Studio Offers

  • Users can create and use customized forms to provide a visually appealing and functional interface for submitting, amending, and viewing list items.
  • Create a sophisticated business workflow that runs on its own, based on the actions and times of list items.
  • Actionable data is displayed in charts, graphs, and tables that are both historic and real-time.
  • A powerful and highly configurable portal that provides a user experience for interacting with a SharePoint application that is both engineering and secure.
  • A set of web elements can be used to enhance modern UI pages and sites.
  • Microsoft Teams can automate business processes by connecting to strong backend business apps.

Why NITRO Studio

  • Users can easily edit or produce pdf documents because of the software’s ease of use.
  • It features a fantastic function that allows users to integrate the program with Microsoft Word, allowing them to compose an article and publish a Nitro pdf with a single click.
  • Automate internal and external procedures with workflows.
  • It allows users to construct whole new apps for niche markets, such as onboarding systems, user request management, and help desk solutions.

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EXPRESSbase review logo

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What is EXPRESSbase

EXPRESSbase is a leading cloud-based platform for building and running business applications 10 times quicker. Get the best of both worlds with Ready-Made software’s reliability and Custom software’s flexibility. The Systems is a SaaS company that was founded in India in October 2016. It provides a cloud-based open-source application development platform for building and running commercial apps. The organization is inspired by a purpose to decrease the time and effort spent on business automation by small and medium businesses. It aids in the development of business apps through the use of a drag-and-drop low-code builder. Chatbot creation, document management, web-form creation, and data visualization are some of the services available.

Forms: With its Low Code platform, users can construct robust multilingual online forms with an audit trail, endless validations, and RBAC security. Users may connect to common database systems directly. Currently, PostgreSQL and MySQL are supported. Support for SQL Server and Oracle is in the works. If users don’t have one, let’s put up a unique database for users in their infrastructure.

Reporting: The best Reporting-as-a-Service solution to bridge the gap between ERP and legacy apps Using their futuristic drag-and-drop builders on the cloud, they can link the database and transform the data into appealing tables, charts, and portable reports.

ChatBots: Users may use drag-and-drop to turn their business procedures into basic Bot interactions, as well as design and deploy enterprise-grade bots.

Documents: Document Management for business process apps helps to connect to any datastore like Postgres, Oracle, SQL Server, MongoDB, or even an S3 bucket and store/manage the docs in context. API: The API builder allows users to quickly create APIs that are RBAC-secured, version-managed, and auto-deployed.

The Expressbase no-code platform is intended for the industries in Infrastructure, Education, Retail, Finance & Banking, Government, etc.

Expressbase believes that great companies and products are built and shaped by people. In their enthusiastic workforce, they have the appropriate combination of young and seasoned experts who are eager to take on big tasks.

What EXPRESSbase can Offer

  • Drag-n-Drop Widgets and controls with a rich user interface designed for the enterprise. Combine them to make more complicated User Controls that users can reuse wherever.
  • Any action, such as sending emails, SMSes, Slack, or basic online alerts, is triggered on every update or new form submission. Users may even set up approval and assignment chains.
  • Create portable, schedulable, embeddable, and interlinkable PDF reports from simple to sophisticated.
  • Authorize and customize the customers’ or workers’ interactions.
  • In the custom-designed Explorer, users can manage documents in context with capabilities like labeling, categorizing, and searching.
  • For Data Validation, formatting, or even modification, add processing layers before or after data insert/fetch.


  • EXPRESSbase is a cloud-based development platform for forms, visualizations, PDF reports, APIs, chatbots, and document management with web-based builders.
  • There is no need to compile, build, package, or deploy anything.
  • It helps consumers save a tremendous amount of time and effort.
  • The app store has pre-built application templates that users can download and personalize.

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Eccentex review logo

Pricing Model

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What is Eccentex

Eccentex is a cutting-edge digital business platform that includes a low-code component. Eccentex’s cloud-architected software, which is based on the company’s unified AppBase Platform, allows customers to swiftly deploy, grow, and upgrade apps to meet specific business needs. With award-winning capabilities in case management, business process automation (BPM) driven by robots, and sophisticated document management, Eccentex has helped the world’s largest organizations and governments achieve breakthrough results. Eccentex’s Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) tool — Customer data and data on customer intent are two of the most promising options.

Workflow & Automation: By automating activities, the Eccentex platform helps users increase efficiency and transparency across several channels and organizational silos. Emails from a variety of addresses are detected, prioritized, and allocated to the appropriate recipients automatically.

CRM: The platform facilitates the capture of all client data, journeys, procedures, and events, which can then be leveraged to deliver excellent outcomes and an exceptional customer experience. Customers, departments, accounts, and contacts can all have parent-child views that can be linked to cases.

Document Management: It allows caseworkers to quickly access all of the emails, physical records, and digital data they need to make judgments and settle cases.

Dashboard & Reporting: The dashboard component aids situational awareness and the identification of strategies to increase customer happiness and employee performance.

Collaboration: Collaboration technologies enable the staff to work together on more complicated issues, resulting in faster and more accurate outcomes.

Calendar: The calendar makes it simple to schedule meetings with coworkers, clients, and teams in response to specific issues.

The Eccentex low-code platform is intended for companies in the energy, banking, public sector, insurance, telecommunications, and retail industries, among others. The team can build and maintain journeys without the assistance of a developer.

It believes in simplifying work so that staff can focus on what matters most: giving customers the most engaging and gratifying experience possible.

What Eccentex can Offer

  • Users may create and edit critical forms for each case type, as well as add validations, field guides, and help messages.
  • Create a visual representation of the business workflow with human and automatic phases, each with its own set of actions, SLAs, and validations.
  • Allowing other systems to push, generate, edit, route, and close work by sending case data to them.
  • It aids in the creation of a single customer view that displays all of their cases, conversations, appointments, and internal or external data.
  • Simple text boxes, sophisticated formula fields, editable grids for child data, tabs, and conditional logic may all be dragged and dropped.
  • Use internal and external data to create Word documents, emails, PDFs, and other material.
  • Convert the emails into new cases or connect them to existing ones, along with their attachments.
  • Create bespoke dashboards with internal or external data or configure role-based, esthetically attractive dashboards.
  • Track all of a user’s actions, including logins, searches, documents read, and data touched in any way.
  • Train Genesys AI to assist clients with open cases, allowing them to initiate new cases or edit current ones using voice commands.

Why Eccentex

  • With retail solutions, Eccesntex provides shoppers and customers with a superior omnichannel customer experience.
  • On every channel, provide consistent service and a fully branded experience.
  • Claims should be resolved thru global, regional, and local methods.
  • Ensure that customers have a positive experience by providing consistent service across all channels.
  • To offer scalable service, equip agents with order history and client context.

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BRYTER review logo

Pricing Model

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What is BRYTER

BRYTER no-code platform is one of the leading platforms that lets non-developers in departments like accounting, legal, and compliance automate decision-making, build up finance department procedures, and more.

Platform Without coding, the no-code service automation platform allows users to create digital solutions to automate complicated processes. To make data-driven decisions, users may measure use, create KPIs, and get rich insights.

Solution App Builder: Without writing a single line of code, a no-code app builder allows users to rapidly and easily create complex apps. It assists in the development of programs that can handle many user requests and allows users to focus on high-value activities.

Chatbots: Business chatbots automate replies and manage enormous amounts of data. This tool allows users to create a chatbot without having to learn programming or spend time and money on specialized software development.

Doc Automation: Users may easily develop their document generators with document automation. It allows the team to construct sophisticated document generators without having to know anything about programming or IT. Customize the logo and templates to meet the specific requirements.

Microsoft Teams: Making sophisticated document generators is quick and uncomplicated thanks to Microsoft Teams connectivity. Users may efficiently share their skills via self-service apps. Improve risk management across the board by avoiding knowledge silos.

Onboarding: Client, supplier, and employee onboarding procedures may all be automated using onboarding automation. To automate procedures, users may create fully configurable workflows. Collect data, analyze risk, and create papers

Playbooks: Playbook software allows users to take a consistent approach to risk management. Transform existing static playbooks into interactive apps. The user may quickly update and manage the system when risks and priorities change.

Repapering: The risk assessment, remediation, and contract migration processes are all automated using repapering. Its repapering automation may be utilized as an end-to-end solution or as a plug-in to any section of the process and tech stack.

Reporting: Disclosure and reporting duties are made easier with business reporting. The information given may be checked against industry-specific criteria, ensuring that reporting responsibilities are met.

Risk Management: Compliance processes, risk grading, and benchmarking are all automated with risk management. Benchmarking can include automated solutions so that indications can compare to industry standards and benchmarks.

The most prevalent Bryter industries include Automotive, Consumer, Finance, Government, Healthcare, Industrial, Insurance, Logistics, Real Estate, etc.

This no-code service automation platform allows business experts to create digital apps without writing code. Because of its true no-code platform, corporate teams may take part in digital transformation and turn their services into self-service applications without having to write code. BRYTER is designed specifically for legal, compliance, accounting, and finance professionals who use it to automate complicated decisions and procedures.

What BRYTER can Offer

  • Manual operations can be automated, and regulatory procedures can streamline.
  • Automate procedures helps to manage risk throughout the enterprise while collecting, analyzing, and reporting data.
  • The user can increase communication and provide a better client experience.
  • It promises to customize the chatbot to suit specific rules, processes, and risk management strategies.
  • Users can create their chatbot without knowing any programming and for a fraction of the cost.
  • During the document writing process, the user may keep track of all essential processes, activities, and clauses in a centralized audit trail.


  • Build quickly using an easy-to-use visual editor. Information can gather from users or databases.
  • Create and publish documents in any environment.
  • With comprehensive APIs and SDKs, there are no limits to what users may create.
  • No-code apps may be customized by the user.
  • Services and assistance are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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babelforce review logo

Pricing Model

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Platform Offering

What is babelforce

Non-programmers can manage any integrated communications business with babelforce, a worldwide communications automation platform. Where conversations and discussions meet other technologies, users may develop and manage practically any business process. It allows people in charge of customer engagement strategy to swiftly deploy the multi-system services they require without the need for long internal IT projects.

babelforce features built on a proven telecommunications infrastructure that processes hundreds of millions of transactions every month. More than 40 tier-one carriers and 300 telecommunications service providers have been merged. Local data centers throughout the globe, including the United States and Canada, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific, provide babelforce services. Babelforce’s integration platform contains integrators and pre-built connections for CRM, ticketing, BI, ERP, Workforce Management, and many sorts of messaging utilized in today’s contact centers and sales teams. Customer service, support, debt collection, retention, reactivation, and sales are just a few of the problems that may be solved using the platform.

Products Inbound: It facilitates the personalization of experiences using client data from the CRM, Helpdesk, or any other SoR.

Outbound: It enables outbound dialing to be automated to produce effects or offer interaction at any scale. Self-Service: Assists in the creation of seamless customer journeys with no fuss handoffs between any communication channels.

Multichannel: With automated voice bots, IVR, and messaging, the omnichannel can let consumers help themselves.

Solution E-commerce: Provide the correct services at the right time to increase client loyalty. With data-driven service interventions, the business can increase lifetime value. Clients that have a positive experience become lifelong customers. Technology: With completely automated and data-driven outreach, businesses can speed up lead nurturing, prospecting, and upselling.

BPO: Using proprietary business logic, distribute traffic to any number of sites. To stay up with customers, provide integrated and data-driven services across all channels.

What babelforce Offers

  • With simple, straightforward tools, users can create any consumer experience.
  • Add pre-built babelforce functions to your workflows to automate important activities.
  • Connect the power of all of the tools and channels, whether they’re in the cloud or on-premises.
  • Create any customer support procedure with a set of visual tools and pre-built pieces.
  • Create and automate services in every channel that clients want using straightforward tools.
  • Users may gain full babelforce capabilities by simply adding the babelConnect app to the tools and interface users already use.
  • With customizable dashboards for monitoring and reporting, users can capture every KPI that contributes to business performance.

Why babelforce

  • Babelforce, a sophisticated automation platform developed to improve how enterprises and businesses connect with prospects and consumers, ensures that they have the communication solutions that are right for them.
  • Companies and enterprises may use babelforce to establish a cloud-based contact center that is scalable, adaptable, and customized.
  • Users may establish call flows and incorporate their business tools, such as CRM, helpdesk, and ticketing systems, into their cloud-based contact center.
  • By connecting call data with their business tools, the platform ensures that businesses can follow up with leads.
  • SIP softphones, which are application applications that allow users to make calls from any device that connects to the Internet, are also available from babelforce.
  • Users may utilize the platform to create a communication system and solution that mirrors their critical business operations.

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alphachat review logo

Pricing Model

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Platform Offering

What is Alphachat

AlphaChat is a type of conversational artificial intelligence platform that enables banks, telecommunications corporations, e-commerce companies, and other enterprises to connect with clients using virtual assistants. Individual agents may be allocated to client support requests, context-specific replies can be created, and team members’ access can be restricted based on their responsibilities. Businesses may build virtual assistants using AlphaChat and prioritize chatbot requests for transmission to agents based on capabilities, URLs, and subjects. The technology may let supervisors learn about average response times, chatbot accuracy and solution rates, and total message traffic. Agents may be added and removed as required, and support tickets can be tracked. Pricing for AlphaChat is determined by request, and assistance is provided by live chat, phone, and email.

Conversational AI: AlphaChat’s Conversational AI automates messaging and speech-enabled apps, providing human-like interactions between computers and humans. By detecting speech and text, comprehending intent, translating multiple languages, and replying in a fashion that resembles human conversation, conversational AI allows users to converse like a person. Applied Conversational AI necessitates the development of apps that include context, personalization, and relevance into user-computer interactions. Conversational design, a science-focused to creating natural-sounding processes, is a critical component in creating Conversational AI systems. AlphaChat’s Natural Language Understanding is powered by deep learning algorithms. Users may talk with their virtual assistants and ask them questions since the virtual assistants they create understand the free text. The algorithms are compatible with every European language, Russian and Arabic. It enables people to build their own AI, such as a Natural Language Understanding Virtual Customer Assistant, without knowing how to code. The chat widget can add to a website by copying the widget code. On the website, users may converse with the bot. The user may create a private URL that they can share with others to invite them to check out the bot. In addition, the user may activate Polyglot mode to automatically make the chatbot bilingual.

The most prevalent AlphaChat industries include Business, Government, Finance, Insurance, Education, etc.

Alphachat empowers everyone, whether or not they are programmers, to express themselves using the software. AlphaChat requires the creation of high-quality Conversational AI, and it will do it swiftly. Alphachat’s solutions are designed from the ground up to give customers cutting-edge technology. This platform’s Intelligent Virtual Assistants have 250,000 monthly chats with users.

What AlphaChat can Offer

  • Language in Its Natural Setting Bot may be understood in any European language, as well as Russian and Arabic.
  • The bot does not have access to a code training environment.
  • Detailed ROI (costs saved), bot deflection rate, and customer satisfaction data per topic.
  • Through the ReTrain and Intent Overlap modules, AI advises that training data be improved.
  • With only one click, you can train the bot from user messages.
  • On our self-service NLU platform, create intent-detecting bots with pre-trained customer support FAQs.
  • Deflect 65 percent of inquiries by launching a bot in minutes.
  • There’s no need for high-priced consultants or lengthy pilots.
  • The personalized chat widget appears on your website and responds to consumers in a variety of languages.
  • It works with Wix, Shopify, and other platforms. The program is used by marketers and small and medium businesses.

Why AlphaChat

  • The customer service or support personnel can manage inquiries, requests, and concerns with ease thanks to Alphachat’s AI-powered virtual assistant.
  • Alphachat allows users to create conversational processes so that the chatbot can grasp and capture consumers’ true intentions and respond correctly and intelligently.
  • Alphachat can use by teams and individuals to give clients rapid, accurate, and high-quality service.
  • The built-in live chat functionality allows users to transfer discussions from the chatbot to actual human assistants when issues become too complex or clients want to speak with live agents.
  • A chat widget can add to a website by copying and pasting a single line of code.
  • Alphachat’s chatbot can link to communication and CRM applications.

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Joonbot review logo

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What is Joonbot

Joonbot is a simple no-code chatbot builder that may help businesses increase interaction, generate leads, and increase sales. A Joonbot may be set up in minutes and used to increase customer experience and conversion rates by customizing interactions. Companies may start with a template or build their Joonbot from the ground up. A bot to pre-qualify and segment leads and book a demo with Calendly is a common Joonbot use case, as is a FAQ bot that also processes client requests.

Joonbot is a simple no-code chatbot builder that may help businesses increase interaction, generate leads, and increase sales. A Joonbot may be set up in minutes and used to increase customer experience and conversion rates by customizing interactions. Companies may start with a template or build their Joonbot from the ground up. A bot to pre-qualify and segment leads and book a demo with Calendly is a common Joonbot use case, as is a FAQ bot that also processes client requests.

Product Design: Joonbot allows users to develop chatbots in a quick and simple installation manner that only takes copying and pasting one line of code. A responsive display that looks excellent on any device may be created by the user. Users may also initiate a video with a preview that is the same size as the Joonbot interface.

Build: Joonbot is a service that allows users to build chatbot behavior. When a document, such as a résumé, is beneficial, users can submit it. A user chatbot can utilize loops to repeat a previous block. It lets users save acquired data into variables that they may later utilize in a chat, an email, or a Zap.

Target: It comes with a contextualized display chatbot that lets users define traffic sources and URLs like Facebook and Google. The chatbot can be activated based on the pages that the user has viewed on the website.

Connect: It allows the user to access as many integrations as the user likes to automate the process. When someone terminates the chatbot situation, it sends an email with a transcript to its self-notifications. Its integrated connectors enable users to connect to their preferred apps.

Analyze: Analyze offerings to develop the chatbot with actionable insights. Its drop-off rate assists in making whether any of the queries are a major turn-off for the audience. Templates Lead Generation: A lead-generating form that seems like a conversation can help businesses obtain more leads. Makes visitors go through the sales and marketing funnel, regardless of where they are in the purchase process.

Customer Support: It helps in the creation of effective customer resolution flows to deliver the best possible answers to customer problems. Human Resources: The templates assist in learning more about what it’s like to work at the organization. Candidates’ comments on the interview process are available to users.

Sales: With the free customizable order form template, users can create an online ordering system in minutes.

Marketing: It is a useful interactive and responsive vocabulary test template for getting ideas.

Users may construct a customer support chatbot in minutes using Joonbot. Customers’ inquiries are instantly answered by the customer support chatbot, eliminating the need for them to conduct research.

What Joonbot Can Offer

  • To proactively connect with visitors and create leads, use the Joonbot widget type and welcome message.
  • Its conversational style allows users to effortlessly score leads or prospects using simple guidelines.
  • It allows the audience to learn a few things or collect information pleasantly and engagingly at the appropriate location.
  • Its online filters don’t fit everyone, thus it suggests items or services in a different method to satisfy your complete audience.
  • It enables users to build a FAQ chatbot, save time, and ensure that your prospective customers are delighted.
  • It assists in providing information to the audience’s demands in a proactive manner on the website or landing page, which is critical for them to take the next step.

Why Joonbot

  • With bespoke and targeted chatbots, you can increase sales volume.
  • With the Calendly connection, businesses can generate more leads by scheduling appointments automatically.
  • With chatbot feedback surveys, feature suggestions, problem requests, and more, users can collect data at scale.
  • It helps to create as many chats as users want with as many interactions as users want.
  • Create them using customized dialogue situations.
  • Use targeting features to contextualize the chatbot’s look.

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Odoo Studio


Odoo review logo

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What is Odoo Studio

Odoo studio is a feature of the Odoo business edition that configures the odoo user interface and reports without having to write code. It’s as simple as dragging and dropping. Odoo is the easiest-to-use all-in-one management solution in the world. There are hundreds of business applications available, including CRM, e-commerce, accounting, inventory, point-of-sale, project management, and MRP. Odoo’s unique selling point is that it is both easy to use and fully integrated.

Solutions from Odoo

Finance: The app feature enables users to instantly sync bank statements with their accounts or import files. Produce detailed invoices, manage regular billings, and keep track of payments with ease. Monitor supplier invoices and provide a clear picture of what bills pay in the future. Create earnings reports, balance sheets, and cash flow statements quickly and easily.

Human Resources: It improves the management of staff and the centralization of all HR data. Constrain access to critical information to HR managers only, or make other information, such as a personnel directory, available to all workers. Send alerts while new leave requests, allocation requests, applications, appraisals, and other items are submitted.

Sales: A true customer-centric CRM assists in the handling of leads, the capturing of opportunities, and the production of accurate projections. It assists customers in gaining the knowledge users require to make better judgments.

Marketing: It facilitates social media management, online push alerts, and online chat. It can assist customers and assist in the dissemination of crucial corporate news and communications.

Website: Odoo has everything users need to promote online engagement, from social media to push alerts and live chat.

Services: It makes it easier to plan tasks around employees’ vacations. It plans for forthcoming tasks using projections based on similar projects and more correctly anticipates timeframes. For greater profitability, compare projections to actual timesheets.

Who use Odoo

The most prevalent Odoo studio industries are Higher Education, Pharma/Life Science, Manufacturing, Finance, Advertising, Public Sector, Energy & Utilities, Healthcare, etc.

Odoo Studio’s objective is to deliver a comprehensive set of easy-to-use business apps used to support any business requirement. It provides millions of businesses with simple access to the software they require to operate and expand their operations.

What Odoo Can Offer

  • The users will appreciate the speedy and contemporary user interface. The look is inspired by Google’s Material Design initiative.
  • There’s no need to manually prepare invoices, print and transmit them, keep track of bank statements, or track payments.
  • A user interface for sales that is simple and easy to use. A dashboard to provide users a clearer picture of the sales operations. Configure and install your CRM using these helpful hints and best practices.
  • Get leads generated automatically from emails and VoIP conversations. Send quotations in a matter of seconds, manage your pipeline using drag-and-drop, and so on.
  • Drag and drop the editable fields in the PDF to make them your own. To save time and be more productive, use templates to automate repetitive signatures.
  • It allows you to arrange appointments and send meeting invitations directly from Odoo and link your Google Calendar with Odoo.
  • Use Odoo’s unique ‘edit inline’ method to create product pages. There is no need for a code that you see is exactly what you receive.

Why Odoo

  • Odoo Studio provides an easy-to-use online interface for creating data models without the need for additional code.
  • Users may develop customized views and edit existing views without having to deal with XML code using Odoo Studio’s Web Designing Tool.
  • The XML is imported into Odoo’s database when a user creates a custom application in Odoo. Using the same freedom as a conventional Odoo application, users can quickly customize views with this built-in capability.
  • Users may also use Python in Odoo Studio to automate manual operations.
  • Exporting custom apps is as simple as placing them in a zip file. Users will be able to import it into additional Odoo instances in your network from there.

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