What is CloudApper

CloudApper is a user-friendly, rapid software development platform that allows users to create their custom mobile apps without requiring substantial technical expertise, paying expensive license fees, or employing internal or external engineers and developers. This platform allows users to quickly design and deploy any bespoke business apps they want. As a consequence, users will be able to automate operations, boost staff productivity, and expand the capabilities of the IT team. CloudApper includes a drag-and-drop editor that makes creating your business apps much easier. It comes with a set of ready-to-use applications that users may customize to digitally alter the company. CMMS: Asset repairs and preventative maintenance can be made easier with CMMS software with a mobile emphasis that allows users to assign, monitor, and execute all maintenance operations from anywhere and at any time. Visitors: A paperless visitor management solution improves users’ first impressions by implementing a visitor management mobile app for a fast, accurate, and safe guest experience. Assets: Enterprise Asset Life Cycle Management is a cost-effective tool for managing the acquisition, operation, maintenance, upgrade, and disposal of assets. Fleet: Track the complete fleet management system to ensure that everything runs smoothly, on schedule, and under budget. CRM: To reduce churn and increase retention, users can use an excellent customer relationship management app to speed up the process. Facilities: CloudApper Facility Management Software seems to be a highly configurable system for managing buildings, equipment, and maintenance operations. It uses a mobile application to deliver real-time access to workplace productivity, emergency, and compliance management data from anywhere. RightPunch: RightPunch is time-tracking software for UKG that works on any iOS or Android smartphone. To submit punches, employees just scan a QR code or take a photo of themselves and authenticate using face biometric technology. RightPunch interacts with UKG directly to deliver a low-cost, sanitary time-capturing experience. HIPAA Ready: The HIPAA Ready app is a contemporary, cost-efficient, and effective method to make HIPAA compliance easier. By administering digital assignments, meetings, problems, and training material, this powerful solution streamlines the HIPAA compliance management process. Telecommunications, Banking & Finance, IT & Internet, FMCG, Transport & Logistics, Hotels & Hospitality, are the best CloudApper users, wanting to simplify, digitize, and automate expert procedures and services. Users can simply develop bespoke applications that interact with legacy and business systems using the CloudApper no-code platform, allowing employees to act quicker and smarter — straight from their phones. Employees may be more productive by executing all of their work from their phones using the CloudApper no-code platform.

What CloudApper can Offer

  • Users may access crucial data on facility operations in real-time from a single platform with CloudApper Facilities.
  • Receive alerts from facilities regarding potentially dangerous conditions or occurrences, as well as asset maintenance concerns, as well as all emergency plans and procedures, which are easily accessible to staff.
  • The CloudApper CMMS program provides users with crucial equipment maintenance plans, as well as powerful reporting, analytics, reminders, and task management tools, reducing the likelihood of an unwelcome failure or downtime.
  • Allow technicians to effortlessly monitor equipment concerns from their PC or mobile device.
  • Assign field resources and use geo-tagging to confirm their presence on-site.
  • Allow field personnel to log task deliverables and obtain runbook information directly from their phones.
  • Automate processes to increase operational efficiency.
  • Maintain the security of the data communication.
  • CloudApper CRM does away with the need to operate from a PC.
  • Managers may examine a sales rep’s check-in data in real-time using geo-fencing to avoid reporting inconsistencies.

Why CloudApper

  • With a simple drag-and-drop editor, businesses can easily modify apps to meet customer demands and empower teams to create.
  • With a single license, CloudApper gives users access to hundreds of applications.
  • Workers can complete activities with the help of simple, user-friendly software.
  • Support for IT infrastructure is reduced.



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