What is CodeNinja

A platform developed by CodeNinja allows people to create apps without having any programming skills. Zero-code solutions eliminate a major bottleneck and reduce dependency on IT for mission-critical applications. With a single click, users may develop Web, Android, and iOS applications. Instead of traditional computer programming, a no-code development platform lets programmers and non-programmers create application software utilizing graphical user interfaces and setup.

What CodeNinja can Offer

  • It’s simple to download and walk away at any moment because the source code may generate automatically. There is no reliance on the platform.
  • Almost all relational databases are supported by the platform. Any supported database may be used to create applications.
  • Support for caching is built-in and configurable. The cache can be enabled for improved performance.
  • REST and legacy API integrations via RESTful API integration support. All APIs may be accessed with a single click.
  • It’s simple to add logic with built-in support for formulae and computations. At runtime, custom formulae can be inserted.
  • Data-feed pipelines support by the platform and may be used to feed data into applications. On the data, analytics may be performed.
  • Custom theme support is built-in. Any uploaded theme can create applications.
  • The MQTT protocol creates IoT applications.
  • Custom plugins have their marketplace. Customers can utilize the custom plugins that they have uploaded.
  • Users may engage directly with guests using the video conferencing plugin that has been introduced to the program.

Why CodeNinja

  • Zero-code solutions eliminate a critical bottleneck and lower reliance on IT for critical apps.
  • Product development does not have to be a time-consuming and inefficient endeavor.
  • Give the app’s users the benefit of a secure and simple digital signature.



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