Evaluation Method

Evaluate Right Low-Code Platforms


  • Enabling citizen developer
  • Easy to build and design
  • Reusability
  • Lower TCO


  • Architecture Alignment
  • Scalable Platform
  • Development Lifecycle
  • Application Security
Evaluate Right Low-Code Platforms

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Evaluation Method Techniques

Evaluate Right Low-Code Platforms


Collect input from business & IT — Determine requirements — Build search criteria — Search relevant platforms


Select set of platforms — Define capabilities to compare — Prioritize business features and align business requirements


Define business weightage — Build platform scoring criteria — Compare and evaluate platforms and assign scores

3 Ways to Compare & Evaluate Low-Code Platforms

1. Do It Yourself DIY template developed by our experts will help you to search, select and evaluate the best platforms of your choice Start Now 2. Quick Comparison Leverage our portal and search for any low-code/no-code platform. Easily and quickly compare selected platforms with details Search Here 3. Find Partners Our partner portal will help you to select the right low-code/no-code platform. You can start your first project from the list of preferred partners Partner Portal

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