What is Flowfinity

Flowfinity is a process management tool that helps organizations simplify the process of creating mobile forms and applications. Data visualization, remote access, barcode scanning, version control, and tailored emails are all important aspects. Flowfinity comes with a formula editor that allows you to put up numeric calculations and run rapid scans of existing data fields. It enables field workers to gather and save data in a client database. The application also allows office employees to watch field activities in real-time and generate tabular reports. Flowfinity is available both on-premises and in the cloud. Customers can use mobile applications for Android and iOS smartphones to manage their business operations from anywhere. Pricing and assistance are provided in the form of documentation and phone talks. Platform Applications: It facilitates the creation of end-to-end workflow solutions and the development of powerful mobile applications that will alter the business through flexible, programming-free software. Users can boost productivity, get insight into operations, acquire a competitive advantage, or please consumers. It enables real-time, two-way data flow between the field and the office, and the elimination of paper, spreadsheets, and manual operations. With adaptable mobile applications, a built-in online portal, and an autonomous database back-end, customers can automate any business operation. Dashboards: End-to-end business process apps that deliver real-time data from the field and present it in a real-time operational dashboard are available to users. Users’ data may be aggregated as it comes in from a live database, providing them with important information to help them make better, quicker decisions. loT Solutions: Industrial IoT solutions run with a combination of hardware, software, and system connections require specialized knowledge. A substantial amount of time to configure makes many deployments difficult to succeed. To enable a wide range of industrial use cases, users can build with a substantial allocation of digital and analog ports.

What Flowfinity can Offer

  • To profit from the collective knowledge, empower business divisions to create applications, and democratize innovation.
  • To be robust in the face of rapid change, address operational issues in real-time, and deploy new apps proactively.
  • Using digital processes, users may streamline operations while also discovering new income sources that can alter the company.
  • So you can focus on the strategic IT strategy, build solutions rapidly and empower business users with no-code.
  • Control data access by departments and user roles and manage apps and users from a centralized place.
  • Secure deployment choices, whether in the cloud for convenience of setup or on-premises for direct control, help the user avoid compromise.
  • With no-code application setup tools, users may independently prototype and test solutions that match enterprise requirements.
  • Using an agile iterative development strategy, quickly deploy solutions and upgrades, and publish apps.
  • Drive digital transformation and improve operational efficiency and your company’s bottom line right away.
  • Maintain agility with declarative toolsets that are ideal for iterative development.
  • In a specialized sandbox, test apps and monitor modifications, then publish them instantaneously across a shared codebase.
  • Interface to core systems via SQL or a web API that supports REST, SOAP, and common integration platforms.

Why Flowfinity

  • Users and apps can manage from a single location.
  • It helps create different user groups for each department to segregate data and utilize Flowfinity as an intermediate database to manage access to production databases.
  • Access to data and apps that are controlled with role-based permissions.
  • Applications are kept as metadata configuration files rather than code for easy app creation and modifications.
  • Through open APIs, users may integrate with other data sources, apps, and external code.
  • The collaborative and evolutionary creation of application requirements is made easy with Flowfinity.
  • Users can see what modifications have been done when they were made, and by whom, thanks to improved version control.
  • The business can create a workflow solution with conditional email notifications, obligatory data, custom validation rules, and more, that correctly mirrors internal operations.
  • With the web-based interface, users can easily develop apps from any PC.



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