What is Kissflow

OrangeScape Technologies’ Kissflow is a cloud-based forms automation tool that automates corporate operations and tracks performance. It is appropriate for all types of businesses and industries. Kissflow assists in the creation of process requests, the viewing of items that require user action, and the approval of pending tasks. Kissflow Workflow is a low-code and no-code platform that allows anybody to automate a process, establish a task board, manage a case flow, and discuss work themes all in one smart and easily integrated platform. Products: Workflow, Low-Code, Digital Workplace, Project, Procurement Cloud, Community Platform

What Kissflow can offer

  • Business teams may use Kissflow Low-Code to enable citizen developers to create more unique apps and assist IT teams reduce time-to-development with minimum code.
  • Kissflow Low-Code allows you to quickly create, test, and deploy apps from within the platform. To automate and digitize your internal operations, create workflows, forms, dashboards, and other tools.
  • You may also use agile bespoke low-code apps to replace old systems in your firm.
  • Integrate with your ERP system, CRM, and other major utility applications for free to sync data, automate workflows, and work in tandem with them.
  • By tracking each stage in the workflow, you can diagnose, detect, monitor, and alter process delays.
  • Based on SOPs, items are automatically sent to the appropriate team members.
  • Create processes in seconds, assign people to stages, and get started right away.

Why Kissflow

  • Kissflow business process automation enables the detection and remediation of workflow problems and bottlenecks.
  • The cost of operations is reduced using Kissflow business process automation, resulting in higher profit margins.
  • Kissflow Automation enhances process visibility with configurable dashboards. Using established key performance indicators, several processes may be tracked at a glance (KPIs).
  • Kissflow creates unique reports, utilizes dashboards, and provides actionable data.
  • Kissflow delivers real-time information on each process in a user-friendly summary manner.



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