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the best 20 low-code development platforms

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  • Application Builder
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain Platform
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • CRM
  • Custom Application
  • Database Builder
  • Digital Workplace
  • eCommerce App
  • ERP
  • Gaming App Builder
  • IOT / IIOT Platform
  • Machine Learning
  • Mobile App Builder
  • On-Premise App Builder
  • Process & Workflow Automation
  • Product Development
  • Project & Task Management
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Smart Apps Builder
  • Smart Bots Builder
  • Social & Collaboration
  • Survey & Customer Engagement
  • Voice & Chat Platforms
  • Website Builder

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waylay logo

- Pricing Model — Analyst Recognition — Platform Offering 7.2 $130.00 Demo Read full review

What is Waylay

Waylay was formed in 2014 to enable businesses to get a greater return on their IoT investments. Companies may utilize Waylay to go beyond connect-and-collect and put IoT information to practical use across the organization. Waylay Enterprise: Enterprises may use the Waylay Platform to connect their IoT and OT investments with their IT platforms like CRM and ERP. Any issue in the digital transformation path is solved by ultra-scalable automation technology. The Waylay platform was designed from the bottom up to handle the diverse data patterns that IoT, OT, and IT generate. Waylay Digital Twin: Waylay Digital Twin is a Salesforce composite app that blends IoT data with business context to enable connected assets to generate, monitor and report on business results. Salesforce AppExchange is where users can find it. Waylay IO: Waylay IO simplifies serverless development and keeps developers from getting mired down in details that have little to do with the problems they’re supposed to address. Create a code snippets library. Any API-enabled service can be integrated. These code snippets are orchestrated by Waylay IO’s strong and unique automation technology. Waylay Edge Solution: Waylay TinyAutomator is made up of a few docker images that feature the Waylay Console, Waylay Inference Engine, Resource service, and a nodejs-based embedded sandbox. Waylay TinyAutomator allows users to gain expertise with improved automation and construct automation scenarios on their Raspberry PI or locally on their laptops. Manufacturing, industrial engineering, HVAC, utilities, consumer products, retail, smart buildings, processing industries, telecommunications, cybersecurity, and smart equipment are all examples of sectors that use technology. By making AI, IT, and OT data accessible to everyone, waylay believes low-code automation liberates natural human intellect and offers new opportunities in value creation.

What Waylay can Offer

  • The Waylay platform offers powerful automation tools for creating, executing, and managing IoT automation logic.
  • The Waylay platform was designed from the bottom up to handle the diverse data patterns that IoT, OT, and IT generate.
  • Use the same collaborative intelligence platform to combine streaming and time-series analytics.
  • Easily offer self-service and KPI-centric apps to non-developer teams to accelerate the time to market IoT, IT, and OT solutions.
  • Determine which automation tools are ideal for the IoT use case, then put them to the test against the benchmark.

Why Waylay

  • Waylay is at ease in any data-enabling environment.
  • With the low-code/no-code solution, users can turn their ideas into new business concepts.
  • Its knowledgeable staff assists users in determining their needs and providing suggestions.
  • For any business scenario, it’s ready to use.

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Tally logo

- Pricing Model — Analyst Recognition — Platform Offering 6.4 $29.00 Demo Read full review

What is Tally

Tally is a new sort of form builder that functions similarly to a document. It simplifies form creation and provides a wealth of useful features for no cost. Tally Forms provide the simplest and clearest method for building the different form components. The procedure is similar to that of creating a document in Notion. There are no restrictions to how many forms users can construct, how many replies they can gather, or how many input blocks they can use, and there are loads of free advanced features like money collection, computations, form logic, and answer routine. The simplest method to make stunning forms and surveys. Create forms for any purpose in seconds, then distribute or embed them on your website with ease. Without having to know how to code, and for no cost. Form Builder: Tally is the only form builder that allows users to create limitless forms and replies for free. There are no irritating paywalls, just one straightforward Pro plan that gives teams and artists more control. Tally Pro can be compared to Typeform and other online form builders. The pro package includes powerful features designed for teams and creators with more sophisticated needs. Templates: Users can explore, choose, and edit templates to meet the specific requirements. They can learn how to use templates and how to make their own. Zapier Integration: Zapier is a strong automation tool that automates the transfer of data between over 2000 online apps. Zaps are automated connections that may automate day-to-day chores and construct processes across apps that would otherwise be impossible. They can be set up in minutes with no coding. Integromat Integration: Integromat is a robust integration platform that lets users view, develop, and automate the work in a matter of minutes. Integromat allows anybody to automate their job and duties, from marketing and sales to IT and development. Tally connects to over 950 applications and APIs, allowing users to automate business workflows with just a few clicks. Notion Integration: Tally forms integrate seamlessly with Notion, and users may sync form replies directly to Notion using the direct Notion connectivity. The integration allows for the synchronization of form replies with page attributes. Airtable Integration: Airtable is a spreadsheet that combines the capability of a database with the familiarity of a database. It’s a quick and easy method to make tables and keep track of anything from sales leads to vacation plans to inventory management. Users may now store replies to Tally forms as new entries in the Airtable database thanks to the new Tally and Airtable connection.

What Tally can Offer

  • Invite team members to exchange form results and collaborate on forms in shared workspaces.
  • Forms can be organized in workspaces by team, project, or department, and members’ access to the forms can be controlled.
  • Remove all Tally branding from the forms so that they accurately reflect your brand.
  • Create SEO-friendly beautiful URLs by adding their domains (or subdomains) to the Tally forms.
  • With a custom domain, users may add unique styles or scripts to the Tally form.
  • After submitting the form, send self or the responders completely personalized emails. To generate dynamic emails, edit the recipients, topic, and email body, as well as enter variables.

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Arengu logo

- Pricing Model — Analyst Recognition — Platform Offering 6.4 $100.00 Demo Read full review

What is Arengu

Arengu is a popular online form builder that enables users to quickly create and publish several forms. Users may create three types of forms with Arengu: online forms for event registration and data collection; smart forms based on prior user behavior and habits; and multi-step forms that utilize conditional logic to skip questions based on responses provided. To create a form, all users have to drag and drop questions and content into Arengu’s form builder. This form may then be embedded into a user’s website. Users may obtain the answers and results in real-time through email or push notification after setting up or submitting the form using the Arengu interface. Arengu interfaces with several third-party products, including email marketing platform MailChimp, email service provider Mailjet, and messaging app Telegram. Forms: Without coding, users may create customizable forms and unique server-side logic. At every level of the form, users may automate activities and integrate any API. In any stage of the form, run custom server-side logic flows. Flows: The flow builder makes it simple to create unique server-side logic and automate actions at various stages of your form. It allows the user to quickly construct server-side logic for use in existing forms or as a stand-alone product. Without the requirement for coding, users may create custom validations, interact with other APIs, and automate operations. Users can visually build logic and automation their forms. Pages: With a simple CMS based on HTML templates, users may quickly and easily develop specialized sign-up sites at scale. They can use mustache tags to automatically create input fields in the template, allowing users to change the content in a personalized dashboard. Retail, Survey, Education, Office, Online platforms, and other industries that aim to simplify, digitize, and automate expert operations and services are the ideal Arengu users. Arengu’s team aims to improve and make registration processes seamless, and they’re searching for talented people to join them in their quest to allow developers and marketers to create and iterate all of these flows in minutes.

What Arengu can Offer

  • Arengu provides great personalization options. Users can do all of this in the Forms editor and personalize the form’s interface as they like it.
  • Arengu allows users easily to integrate with other platforms to obtain the data that they need or enrich the answers of the forms with other platforms.
  • Arengu will allow users to make email verification flow and data enrichment forms integrating the form information with clear bit and adding conditional logic.
  • Turn the form submissions into interactive workflows with custom approval states.
  • Quickly add secure payments to the forms and collect one-off or recurring subscriptions for the business.
  • Users may create custom validations or API integrations by linking flows to different phases of the form between form steps, before submission, or after submission.

Why Arengu

  • User registration forms that are simple and customized
  • One-time passwords and SMS/email verification.
  • Forms with magic links that don’t require a password
  • Create a workflow for the forms’ approval.
  • Campaigns for landing pages should be automated and scaled.

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PrestaShop logo

- Pricing Model — Analyst Recognition — Platform Offering 8.9 Demo Read full review

What is Prestashop

PrestaShop, being a top e-commerce platform in Europe and Latin America, enables any company to grow its online sales and achieve its goals without limitations. PrestaShop, which is based on an open-source model, allows any merchant to run their e-commerce project from anywhere in the world, benefiting from a solution that is fully customizable and adaptable to each market. Two unique modules are required to customize an online store. The first module is essential for making simple modifications, while the second is a sophisticated module that allows users to personalize their online shop by modifying the code. Users also need access to JavaScript, HTML, and CSS files for these reasons. PrestaShop: While utilizing the power of the CMS, the PrestaShop e-commerce Starter Pack will assist businesses in putting the product catalog online, acquiring the first visitors, and converting them into customers. The Symfony framework underpins PrestaShop. It has around 600 functionalities, and there are over 5,000 modules and themes accessible in the marketplace or built-in. PrestaShop Experts: To get the entire list of PrestaShop specialists, sort by the talents users require the budget and their location. To construct and expand the online business, all users have to do is choose the Web agency or marketing firm that best meets their needs! Due to their competence and experience, Platinum partners are worldwide and experienced firms that have attained the highest level in the PrestaShop partnership program. Healthcare, Educational, E-Commerce, Agriculture, Real Estate, etc. are the best PrestaShop users, want to simplify, digitize, and automate expert procedures and services. PrestaShop wants to become the reference commerce platform for the growth of businesses across the world, based on its principles of boldness, closeness, tenacity, and engagement, as a vital partner in the digitization of commerce.

What PrestaShop can Offer

  • Create a future-proof e-commerce platform to boost the CTR and income as their business expands.
  • As your business grows, the PrestaShop Platform allows the user to select and distribute the website.
  • Improve business SEO performance and mobile experience to attract and keep new consumers.
  • If the customers prefer to pick up their order from the store, they may use the Click & Collect module to choose a period.
  • With the MailChimp module, users can easily develop and send email campaigns to engage the consumers and boost sales.
  • While utilizing the power of the CMS, the PrestaShop e-commerce Starter Pack will assist businesses in putting the product catalog online, acquiring the first visitors, and converting them into customers.
  • In the extremely competitive eCommerce industry, creating an unforgettable brand is critical to your long-term success.
  • Because online retailers are not confined by any geographical limits, anybody may trade items and services with people from all over the world.
  • PrestaShop comes with a slew of features that are almost non-existent on other comparable eCommerce systems.

Why PrestaShop

  • PrestaShop is simple to install from the open-source software’s official website.
  • When it comes to using PrestaShop, no technical experience is necessary. This is because its bespoke design is easy and convenient.
  • PrestaShop offers a basic design and a user-friendly backend interface.
  • PrestaShop supports a variety of languages and currencies, making localization a breeze.

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Magento logo

- Pricing Model — Analyst Recognition — Platform Offering 8.9 Demo Read full review

What is Magento

Magento is an extensively utilized eCommerce platforms. Magento is a prominent alternative eCommerce platform that is utilized by organizations all over the world, including Samsung, Canon, Lenovo, Nike, and many more. The success of Magento may be ascribed to its distinct features and functionality. Magento’s additional PHP frameworks that are utilized are Laminas and Symfony. The source code for Magento is available under the GNU General Public License. Create multi-channel commerce experiences for B2B and B2C clients on a single platform. From the catalog through payment and delivery, its future-proof technology provides businesses with a commerce platform that is eternally flexible, extensible, and scalable. Because Magento is an open-source project, users have complete control over the server. Because the source code may be changed, the features become more adaptable and adjustable. The Magento Community Edition is cost-effective since it is free to use. The Magento Enterprise Edition, which includes more sophisticated capabilities, is also available if users want to get more out of the platform. Adobe Anatytics: Only Adobe provides the ability to combine, compare, and analyze data from every point along the consumer journey. In addition, users can receive flexible reporting, predictive intelligence, and more. Real-Time CDP: B2C and B2B marketers may use Adobe’s Real-time Customer Data Platform to gather, standardize, and combine consumer and professional data into the real-time person and account profiles for customizing customer experiences at scale. Commerce: On a single platform, create multi-channel commerce experiences for B2B and B2C clients. Its future-proof technology provides customers a commerce platform that is infinitely adaptable, expandable, and scalable, from the catalog to payment to fulfillment. Campaign: Users can utilize rich customer data to build, organize, and deliver dynamic campaigns that consumers demand — via email, mobile, offline media, and more using Adobe Campaign. Users Retail, eCommerce, B2B, B2C, Digital Marketing, etc. are the best Magneto users, wanting to simplify, digitize, and automate expert procedures and services.

What Magneto can Offer

  • Precision analytics and reporting are some of the most important aspects of an eCommerce website.
  • Magento has certain features that might help users give a better shopping experience for customers.
  • Magento comes with a slew of tools that make catalog administration a breeze.
  • This comprehensive platform allows for the display of virtual items, the editing, and deletion of product reviews, complete inventory management, quick product development, dynamic pricing, and social product sharing.
  • Magento offers users user accounts that are simple to administer and have a variety of features.
  • The platform also includes features for order management.
  • The platform has single-page checkout, extensive SSL security, payment gateway integration, shipping module integration, support for multiple payment channels, and many more features.

Why Magneto

  • Users may produce attractive, customized, and responsive emails in several methods, including in-house creative and coding as well as collaboration with partners and agencies.
  • Deliver one-to-one tailored content depending on the rules users establish for each recipient.
  • Integrate with Adobe Analytics to trigger bespoke remarketing emails depending on specific user behaviors, or automate email answers from Campaign.

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Drupal logo

- Pricing Model — Analyst Recognition — Platform Offering 8.8 Demo Read full review

What is Drupal

Drupal is a leading cloud-based open source content management system that allows you to create and publish content on your website. The platform’s features include merchandising, content development, reporting, and content sharing, to name a few. To regulate the content creation process, content workflows may be established using Drupal’s content architecture functionality. Furthermore, content marketers may use the platforms to tag important keywords, making their material easier to find in search engines. Users may alter the content of a website based on location, brand, and marketing campaigns using multisite management tools. Site designers may also distribute material in a variety of forms, including PDF, video, HTML, and Flash. The site also offers SEO tools and supports marketers with the construction of promotional campaigns (SEO) Drupal allows users to construct mobile-friendly web apps that can be browsed on smartphones and tablets. Facebook, LinkedIn, MailChimp, Twitter, Zendesk, and Box are all integrated with the system. Dropal for Developers: Drupal is an open-source content management system (CMS) that enables you to create large-scale digital experiences that are ambitious, beautiful, and performant. Build the web of the future with an API-first design, comprehensive configuration management, and unprecedented extensibility. Drupal for Marketing: Drupal is a critical component of your marketing ecosystem, providing content-first, commerce-first, and community-first marketing solutions to help businesses reach the most ambitious business objectives. As a comprehensive web solution or multi-channel, its representation in-market is as distinctive as the brand, thanks to flexible design and remarkable scalability. Dropal for Agencies: Using Drupal digital experiences to spread the client’s brand, create engagement, and drive conversions, users can help them achieve their business goals. Customizable and adaptable to meet the needs of the client. Using Drupal’s API-first architecture and third-party connectors, create the ideal solution. Take advantage of the world’s greatest open source community. Dropal 9: Drupal 9 pushes all of Drupal 8’s features forward and continues to innovate with new features twice a year. Retail, FinTech, Sports & Entertainment, Decoupled, Travel & Tourism, High Tech, eCommerce, Nonprofit and NGOs, Healthcare, Higher Ed, Media & Publishing, Government, etc. are the best Dropal users, wanting to simplify, digitize, and automate expert procedures and services. People’s capacity to publish, collaborate, and exchange information online is critical to how they communicate. Drupal has such a significant influence on the digital world that we cannot afford to be sloppy. It takes a lot of effort to prioritize security, privacy, accessibility, multilingual capabilities, and usability, but it’s well worth it.

What Drupal can Offer

  • Drupal’s typical features include simple content writing, dependable speed, and strong security. Its versatility, though, is what sets it distinct. Its features help in creating the flexible, organized material required for dynamic online experiences.
  • Users can customize it with one or more of the thousands of add-ons available. Alternatively, connect Drupal with the infrastructure’s external services and other applications. There is no other content management system that is as powerful and scalable as this one.
  • Drupal is a free and open-source project. Anyone may download, use, collaborate on, and share it. Drupal and its extensions are developed in collaboration by over a thousand organizations.
  • Intuitive solutions that enable business users to benefit from Drupal’s capability.
  • New cutting-edge capabilities, allowing us to reach new digital channels while also enhancing the content management basis.
  • Integrate a multichannel message environment that is both varied and simple.
  • To expand content across silos, users can decouple the front-end and back-end.

Why Drupal

  • Drupal is an open-source content management system with a large user base.
  • All of Drupal’s features are compliant with the World Wide Web Consortium’s rules and accessibility features.
  • A Drupal developer may construct and edit a website, as well as distribute information to consumers, on a well-known platform.
  • It provides documentation and discussion forums for developers willing to wade through the often choppy seas of the Drupal installation.

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OneCG logo

- Pricing Model — Analyst Recognition — Platform Offering 5.6 Demo Read full review

What is OneCG

OneCG integrates a continuous deployment pipeline with DevOps, allowing users to submit changes to a GIT/ repository, which kicks off the CICD process, and the rest is handled by the CICD pipeline. It will test the modifications, and if they pass, they will be promoted to the next environment immediately. OneCG may also work with any current pipeline in your organization, such as GitLab, Jenkins, and so on. OneConnect: OneCG can connect to as many Genesys platforms as users choose. It instantly identifies the platforms and displays the number of servers and hosts. Users may drag and drop apps from the App area to any server/host using a simple drag and drop method. It builds the application object in the config layer and installs the application on the real server with a single click. OneDesign: By utilizing pure operations automation, OneDesign can assist businesses. OneDesign can create a cloud clone of the Genesys Contact Center, whether it’s AWS or another cloud, or even on-premises, with no work and in a short amount of time. OneTest: With AI-assisted automated scheduled testing, users can avoid costly downtime and drastically reduce their testing time. OneTrack: It will connect to any number of Genesys platforms and begin tracking Config Server configuration changes. It keeps track of all modifications and displays them in a user-friendly dashboard. OneChange: The only program that allows users to modify the bottom platform is OneCG. These modifications will be immediately released into the next platform after they have been accepted. OneCG keeps track of all configuration changes and incorporates them into the change process automatically. Its cutting-edge and one-of-a-kind technology will revolutionize the industry. Within Genesys systems, one-click automation helps to maintain consistency across all environments, as well as tracking and completely automated change management. More details + Added to wishlistRemoved from wishlist 0 Add to compare



nuiSense logo

- Pricing Model — Analyst Recognition — Platform Offering 7.2 $699.00 Demo Read full review

What is nuiSense

nuiSense business is a presentation creation tool that lets organizations use a multi-touch tool to transform photographs, videos, and documents into interactive content. It also allows employees to make notes and annotations on documents, photos, presentations, webpages, and slides. It’s a multi-touch solution that lets many users engage with photos, videos, and PDF documents at the same time. Users may move, rotate, resize, and toss things in this interface by just touching them as if they were real. Users may create and customize many albums, assigning themes and colors to each album, and associating the folders you wish to see once the album is begun. The permanent license for nuiSense business is available, and assistance is provided via email and other online methods. NuiSense Business uses the DLNA protocol, HDMI, or WiDi to let users watch the contents of another display, such as a TV, Video Wall, or LED Wall, on a secondary screen. The program also makes use of Windows 8’s share feature, which enables users to communicate the items they’re seeing to other apps on the device that support this feature (eg. Facebook, Twitter…). Users may connect to the webcam with nuiSense business to create videos and photographs to share and engage with. Once installed, the program does not require an internet connection. The operations teams of growing businesses demand core operations infrastructure that scales with their business, and they want to create it themselves so they can see immediate results. The major goal of nuiSense is to assist businesses by providing a technology solution that allows users to construct multi-touch applications as well as dynamic and entertaining presentations using advertising and technical content.

What nuiSense can Offer

  • Create touch experiences on the Windows 10 PC using the Free Embedded CMS, as well as a mouse and keyboard.
  • NuiSense Player may be installed and used on any Windows 10 Multi-Touch Device. To execute touch experiences produced by CMS, need a nuiSense Player license.
  • Create a dynamic multi-touch screen experience using photographs, movies, PDF documents, Microsoft PowerPoint slides, websites, maps, and more.
  • From tablets to large touch panels to touch kiosks, your touch experiences may be run on any form factor and resolution.
  • Create touch experiences on the computer and then import them into the kiosk or run them from a USB drive. Users can also have the contents synchronized automatically.
  • Images and movies can be sent to a secondary display, such as a TV or a video wall. Connecting a second screen is simple and maybe done with an HDMI cable, WiDi, or DLNA.
  • Track the audience’s actions and export them to a CSV file automatically.

Why nuiSense

  • At Microsoft Technology Center, users may work with a Microsoft Surface Hub-experienced staff.
  • NuiSense Business is a multi-touch program that allows users to build interactive digital experiences without writing a single line of code.
  • They were able to construct an interactive catalog using nuiSense, which allowed them to present the items uniquely and interestingly.
  • The Windows Store is where users can get nuiSense.
  • Office PowerPoint presentations are transformed to a proprietary HTML5 format.

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OneBlink logo

- Pricing Model — Analyst Recognition — Platform Offering 7 $1,200.00 Demo Read full review

What is OneBlink’s

OneBlink’s Low-code Suite (LcS), which is built on AWS, allows corporate users to construct mobile, tablet, and online solutions with confidence using a drag-and-drop interface for digital forms, info pages, and progressive web apps. NoOps deployment, managed hosting, pre-built adaptors, integration, and API tools are all appreciated by developers. Because PWAs are written in popular programming languages, developers may convert them to native applications or utilize the OneBlink SDK to create fully customized solutions. LcS: OneBlink’s Low-code app development suite, LcS, automates all elements of developing and administering business process or activity-centric mobile and online apps. LcS enables businesses to create solutions tailored to their unique needs. Templates: OneBlink offers a set of customizable incident reporting form templates to help organizations get started with business process improvement tools. Apps: It doesn’t have to be all about business users when it comes to low-code application development. All of OneBlink’s Low-code tools are available as services, which may be accessed using the SDK. Work in the manner that users like using the frameworks and libraries that they prefer. Users may create simple inspection applications to automate data collecting from their field inspectors. SMB corporations and government organizations with long-standing/legacy core business systems that are mostly handled by in-house IT resources OneBlink LcS is a Low-code Suite of tools and managed services for Mid-Large Enterprises and Government Agencies looking to digitally transform or optimize a variety of business processes. Non-technical business users, BAs/Project Managers, and non-technical business users may utilize OneBlink to quickly construct sophisticated web/mobile apps that disrupt old work patterns and increase employee productivity.

What OneBlink can Offer

  • Non-technical staff may use LcS to create forms, accompanying content, and progressive web apps fast.
  • Key app components like icons, splash screens, app titles, banner graphics, menu bars, and color schemes may all be readily customized by non-technical personnel without scripting.
  • LcS comes with hundreds of pre-built connections from Trim, Bpoint Auth0, and AD, as well as hundreds of out-of-the-box interfaces with Microsoft’s Power Automate.
  • Administrators may utilize LcS to manage console user rights, regulate app access, check API health, manage developer keys, and track account usage.
  • PWAs allow non-technical personnel to deliver digital forms and information pages ‘as-a-Service,’ or offline-first.
  • Clients of OneBlink have access to an analytics dashboard that displays pertinent use and API performance indicators.
  • LcS offers agile, iterative development in a variety of settings, including development, testing, and production.

Why OneBlink

  • Users can make it easier for businesses to self-service a lot of their demands with OneBlink’s comprehensive features.
  • OneBlink gives package-level capabilities to developers to handle the heavy lifting of process-oriented apps such as authentication, forms management, alerts, offline usage, drafts, autosaving, and more.
  • It’s simple to connect to existing systems with pre-built connectors for Active Directory, Auth0, Trim, and BPoint, as well as the hundreds of connections from MS Power Automate.

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OMNIA logo

- Pricing Model — Analyst Recognition — Platform Offering 7.5 Demo Read full review

What is Omnia

Omnia as a Platform for Applications Omnia’s intrinsic capabilities of low-code platform and integration enables IT to play a beneficial role in enabling the Business to achieve the anticipated new business model. Omnia can facilitate a quick iterative process of testing, failing, learning, adjusting, and iterating. because of its low-code platform and integration features Omnia is the only application platform that allows businesses to create true web apps without the usual technical headaches: not only process-driven but data-driven applications as well. It differs significantly from other BPMs or platforms now available on the market in this regard. Omnia is the only system that uses a Low Code Application Platform with a powerful BPM (Business Process Management) tool, allowing users to build corporate data and process-driven apps. It has a very user-friendly interface that allows users to easily and easily create web and mobile apps, as well as responsive applications for any device. The data models and procedures necessary for the firm to simplify and automate staff activities, reducing manual and time-consuming work that is usually done using Excel or antiquated software, have no bounds. Smart Applications: Smart Applications from Omnia are ready-to-use applications that are available on-premises or in the cloud. Omnia Platform adapts to individual business processes, which is a unique approach compared to other software on the market, which was built with tighter designs and needs code changes to modify. Business Applications: Omnia is a comprehensive platform that provides everything users need to build, innovate, and extend enterprise applications fast and safely. All of Omnia’s new capabilities are available right now on the desktop and on the most popular mobile devices, with a user-friendly interface for all sorts of users. Only Omnia manages the life cycle of business processes and combines the process repository with the Enterprise Architecture, the service model, and the CMDB, allowing for a unique view of the organization that is not limited to the firm’s many software silos. Its technique, which supports both organized and unstructured operations, is adaptable to change and helps the organization to respond swiftly to market demands. The Omnia platform helps corporate applications function for the people who work in them, not the other way around.

What Omnia can Offer

  • Because software plays a vital part in knitting together or enabling these new models, Omnia allows inventive organizations to experiment with new methods to mix goods, services, and data to develop new enterprises.
  • The Omnia Platform and the Omnia Document Management Smart Application may help businesses with their dematerialization and digitization efforts.
  • Users may create apps that take advantage of all of Omnia’s features.
  • Data management, processes, dashboards, data analysis, maps and geolocation, integrations, and social media are just a few of the capabilities that business apps may take advantage of.
  • Omnia BPM focuses on enterprise process improvements based only on business goals, and as a consequence, speed is a priority. As a result, the company unavoidably focuses on decreasing wastes and delays in current processes, resulting in cost savings.
  • Omnia Platform’s low-code approach helps businesses to adapt fast and effectively to business demands. Omnia Platform enables enterprises to deliver features across many channels in real-time.

Why Omnia

  • Omnia mobile applications are simple to use, feature a current, effective User Interface, and deliver a recognizable and successful User Experience.
  • People are at the heart of every application created on the Omnia platform.
  • Users can continue to operate the firm and develop while reducing risk.
  • Its customer support services are ready to assist users in using Omnia BPM daily.

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Next Matter


Next Matter logo

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What is Next Matter

Next Matter is a leading process management software that automates processes for any company, eliminating the need for emails, phone calls, meetings, or tracking sheets. Simply put it up and wait for the task to be completed. Businesses may create processes in minutes using the drag and drop editor, or import an existing process template. Include instructions and checklists, assign team members and stakeholders, link your tools and systems, and get to work. Teams may use Next Matter to complete work seamlessly, with automatic coordination stages and all they need to complete the project correctly, with no further input necessary. Teams may keep track of progress and receive automated status updates, informing them when a decision or executive action is necessary. Make changes in seconds and add more automation to optimize the workflow right away. The Next Matter Platform includes a no-code, drag-and-drop process builder as well as operations-ready templates, allowing customers to get up and running in no time. Users don’t have to spend as much time and effort importing and exporting data to the platform because it connects with regularly used business programs like Google Docs and Slack. Next Matter helps teams get their task done faster by centralizing all process-related information, instructions, and tools. Automation: With a full automation platform created for operations, users can automate activities from start to finish, operate more efficiently, and be certain that nothing will slip thru the gaps. Collaboration: Work directly with partners and suppliers for seamless cooperation with external users. There will be no more double-checking, going thru emails, or making phone calls. Integrations: Integrate with consumer tools that they use regularly. The list includes data to spreadsheets, CRM records to update, Slack messages to send, PDF papers to prepare, and manual tasks to automate. To construct unique connectors for the business, combine with iPaaS layers like Zapier or Integromat.

What Next Matter can Offer

  • Manage and carry out operations, coordinate processes, automate jobs, measure performance, and more with a single platform.
  • Create unique digital processes that are tailored to specific use case needs and go online quickly with no coding required.
  • From within Next Matter, users can integrate all of the tools and systems, automate processes, and manage multi-system workflows.
  • Handovers, choices and approvals, data references, alerts, and other manual coordination tasks may all be automated.
  • Keep the internal teams, as well as external stakeholders like customers, suppliers, and partners, informed.

Why Next Matter

  • Next Matter’s no-code, drag-and-drop process builder enables enterprises to create processes rapidly.
  • All information relating to the core processor may be included in Next Matter.
  • Users may link Next Matter to their existing programs, such as CRM, document management software, ERP, and so on.

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N-AOS logo

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What is N-AOS

For creating database applications, the N-AOS Low (No)-Code Development Platform ensures development without coding and brings development through managed procedures and metadata. In enterprises, Development Platform aggressively and realistically pushes DevOps philosophy and strategy. It accelerates development and blurs the lines between development and deployment, as well as between developers and end-users. Low-Code Development Platform: For designing database applications, the N-AOS Low(No)-Code Development Platform guarantees development without coding and provides development thru guided procedures and metadata. Create a new CRUD application, such as a register, record, view, or form, in minutes using guided procedures and no code. Add new users and assign them access privileges, then send them the program URL and login information through email so they can get to work. Tailored Development: The creation of online database applications (CRUD apps) using cloud computing technology and the n-aos cloud development platform ensures that projects be realized quickly, implemented quickly, and at a lesser cost. Ready-made Applications: N-AOS produces bespoke apps based on the n-aos cloud platform for those in need of specialized business solutions but lacking time and manpower. The development team guarantees that requests are fulfilled quickly, and the n-aos platform provides all of the advantages of the cloud environment. These apps are aimed at business users in a wide range of organizations, ranging from tiny firms and NGOs to multinational corporations in every industry. N-AOS is a mission-driven firm that was founded on the idea of allowing non-programmers to construct database applications using the N-AOS low-code development platform.

What N-AOS can Offer

  • Instead of programming and coding, data-driven development and modification of objects and applications via the user interface.
  • Share apps with the world, whether they’re read-only or fully functional. To gain direct access from the site, use the provided embedding code.
  • Responsive design and an app interface that responds to changes in database structure ensure that the database and the UI are in sync.
  • Data should be grouped by a certain column, and values from other columns should be aggregated correspondingly. To see grouping and aggregations, use the chart view.
  • Connected to social networking, Google applications, and other services. Every interface section may be expanded with new or existing items.
  • Users may export data from any part to PDF, XLS, CSV, or HTML format, send an e-mail with a link to the file, or just print it.
  • Labels, object names, and column names may all be translated. Financial values are displayed in the home currency and, if desired, in other currencies based on the exchange rate.
  • Data in grids may be rapidly sorted for each column, as well as filtered inline or by form. The option to hide or reveal columns is available.


  • The N-AOS low(no)-code development platform is available for a free 30-day trial period.
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any place and on any device that has an internet browser. Through a verified SSL connection, password-protected access is provided.
  • The n-aos development platform is cloud-based, requires no installation, and can be used at any time and from any location with Internet connectivity from any device with a complete internet browser.

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What is nandbox

nandbox is a mobile app development platform that allows users to create applications without having to code, host them, or pay any upfront fees. Users may also utilize nandbox to quickly reproduce well-known apps by selecting, customizing, and publishing them. Developers can add a variety of interactive features to their apps, such as mapping, which integrates interactive maps into the app, built-in messenger, which ensures easy and quick communication with customers, digital coupons, which entice customers with discounts, and even event creation, management, and pitching, which includes social media sharing options. Platform nandbox App Builder: It’s a no-code mobile app builder that allows anybody to create mobile applications for free, with no coding, hosting, or upfront expenses. Instead, users may build the app and get lifetime app maintenance. Users can create customized, native, hosted-ready mobile apps with nandbox App Builder utilizing a simple drag-and-drop technique. Developers can add a variety of interactive features to their apps, such as mapping, which integrates interactive maps into the app, built-in messenger, which ensures easy and quick communication with customers, digital coupons, which entice customers with discounts, and even event creation, management, and pitching, which includes social media sharing options. Cloud processing, modularity, usability, and bots are some of the tool’s other main characteristics. It also allows users to use an open API to connect their backend system to their mobile app. Users may design complex native mobile apps for Android and iOS that are ready to host. These run on a scalable and secure cloud ecosystem and don’t require any specific infrastructure. Nandbox offers free hosting, load and stress testing, and upgrades regularly. These numerous modules and interactive elements will assist firms in increasing their return on investment. nandbox is a popular no-code platform that helps employees ease interactions across departments in areas including education, sports, communities, TV & Media, eCommerce, and IT. Its purpose is to enable digital transformation for businesses easier and faster. The platform’s no-code app builder assists enterprises and communities in bridging communication barriers and monetizing services through their Mobile Apps. nandbox assists businesses in keeping up with the complete mobility era, which is accelerated by the latest 5G technology, thereby fulfilling rapidly changing market expectations.

What Nandbox can Offer

  • Integrate interactive maps into the software for a better user experience, including tracking, locating, and sharing locations, among other things.
  • Ensure that customers are engaged through simple and quick communication routes.
  • Keep clients on board by enticing them with digital discount coupons. This clever feature also allows for the tracking of offer utilization.
  • Create, manage, and pitch the event, complete with GPS coordinates and social network sharing options.
  • Using the nandbox app builder, users can quickly create complex hosted-ready native Android and iOS mobile apps.
  • Build two complementing native Apps, one for Android and one for iOS, both following the operating system’s design rules for a better user experience.
  • Using an open API, connect the backend system to the mobile app.

Why Nandbox

  • The Nandbox SaaS digital platform enables organizations to immediately construct native, hosted-ready mobile apps with simple drag-and-drop.
  • nandbox App builder is a platform that houses a wide range of innovative ideas.
  • Its drag-and-drop app builder allows users to develop sophisticated apps without writing code.
  • nandbox Native App Builder is offering a 50% discount on CommunityApp, which can be used to interact with family, neighbors, friends, and coworkers.

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Modo logo

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What is Modo

Workplace Modo is the only low-code app development platform created exclusively for hybrid campuses and workplaces. The Modo platform, which is used by over 300 higher education institutions and is trusted by Fortune 1000 companies, provides unified app experiences that go beyond engaging to driving behavior and elevating each user to success. Customers can swiftly develop, deploy, update, and scale customized and branded experiences that keep everyone secure and connected, nurture culture, and future-proof their companies using Modo’s Workplace and Campus solutions. Modo’s low-code app development platform enables customers to create, scale, and evolve a branded digital experience fast and effortlessly. Create and deploy once across native applications and multiplatform web, update quickly and integrate across systems to provide a single digital experience that enables people to succeed. Modo is a popular low-code mobile and cloud-based platform with capabilities like content management, alerts/notifications, interior mapping, shuttle monitoring, and more that help employees simplify communications between departments. Its goal is to make digital transformation easier and faster for enterprises. Vision The Modo Office app makes it simple to build a cohesive hybrid workplace experience. Employees may manage all aspects of their workday using a single mobile app, including reservations, health checks, collaborations, guest visits, and more. It helps customers unify their various campus and workplace digital experiences by providing easy-to-build and maintain, hyper-personalized software.

What Modo can Offer

  • Modo Workplace boosts employee productivity, encourages collaboration, and makes the most of available space.
  • Users may view from a single screen their daily schedule, extend it to see buddies’ schedules, and edit/cancel reservations.
  • Users may easily add, remove, and reorganize their pre-populated friend list by viewing and managing it.
  • Outdoor to inside navigation, search, and filtering are all possible thanks to seamless interaction with Mapspeople and Google.
  • The ability to pick pre-populated available meeting space based on geography, participant profiles and AV needs with seamless Office 360, EMS, and Zoom connection to manage hybrid meetings.
  • Manage space usage using nudge alerts that urge staff to confirm reservations and/or choose to automatically release bookings if they aren’t confirmed.
  • Pre-built features on top of a fully managed infrastructure allow users to swiftly start and pivot, while also allowing for endless customization and seamless interface with business systems.

Why Modo

  • The intuitive, no-code Modo platform requires no technical knowledge.
  • Create content and then publish the app on the timeline.
  • Modo’s no-code/low-code app creation allows users to create an easy-to-manage app faster and at a lesser cost.
  • Add unique coding to expand beyond out-of-the-box capabilities, allowing users to integrate with nearly any resource or service.

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MintData logo

- Pricing Model — Analyst Recognition — Platform Offering 6.5 $19.00 Demo Read full review What is MintData MintData is a popular no-code app creation platform that allows even non-technical users to create complex apps. MintData provides a full, enterprise-grade environment for rapidly and effectively developing, testing, and deploying applications, from prototypes to complex applications. Anyone with any degree of technical ability may use MintData to create complex apps. MintData delivers a comprehensive, enterprise-grade environment for building, testing, and deploying applications quickly and efficiently, from prototypes to sophisticated applications. Platform Design: Users may create customizable layouts, micro-interactions, API connections to real-world data, complicated text metrics, and even direct connections to business systems to present their ideas realistically. By sharing the design link with a colleague, they may quickly contribute to the next digital experience. Canvas: Users may design complex layouts and components for pages and overlays. To create sophisticated and engaging designs, use dynamic content from APIs and business systems. Create the app as a collection of pages, with the option to utilize any of them as an overlay — for a form, a dialog, or even a dropdown or popup element. Spreadsheet: The first spreadsheet allows users to customize layouts, micro-interaction phases, link to external data sources, and track the application’s progress. Using the MintData spreadsheet, their ideas will be converted into fully functional apps. It is now possible to incorporate a nested spreadsheet in any cell, which is a game-changing capability. Applications: Instead of writing code, users may use a spreadsheet to describe application logic. Use a spreadsheet to pull data from distant sources, alter it with familiar spreadsheet methods, and connect it to the user interface with property and event bindings. Database: Users with no technical knowledge can benefit from the power of a comprehensive database. Create a database, add tables to it, then insert/update/delete records with ease using spreadsheet functions. Finance, logistics, sales, marketing, and other tools are ready to use. Open and modify to fit the demands of companies looking for a faster return-on-investment (ROI) solution to please their customers with swiftly produced apps that work on many platforms. MintData was created on the concept that strong tools propel us ahead — to achieve more in less time and with less effort — at the crossroads of real-time data and user experience. MintData is a great on-ramp to the overall concept that software may be built by anybody if the tools are both clear and powerful.

What MintData can Offer

  • MintData allows citizen developers to easily construct complex apps using a simple drag-and-drop canvas and an intuitive spreadsheet interface.
  • In real-time, create and edit programs together. Colleagues may share a link to the application and see each other’s updates, exactly as in a Google doc.
  • Create full-featured apps that change to any screen size automatically.
  • Many major data sources, such as SQL databases, Queues, Data Warehouses, and NoSQL databases, are natively integrated with MintData.
  • MintData allows users to version an application’s design as well as publish to a staging environment for beta testing before releasing an app or feature to the production environment.
  • MintData has a sophisticated layout system and user interface components that allow users to build powerful apps from scratch or a template.

Why MintData

  • Users may construct complex prototypes and full-featured web apps using the MintData spreadsheet.
  • There is no limit to the number of design versions you may have.
  • Multi-player cooperation for collaborative design editing.
  • All data sources are connected to the enterprise (databases, queues, file systems).

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