What is Ninox

Small and medium businesses employ Ninox, a cloud-based data input tool. Using capabilities like built-in templates, configurable actions, scripting, and drag-and-drop formulae, the solution aids in the development of database applications. On-premise or cloud storage options are available for the database. Users may also design custom forms and fields with Ninox. The templates allow users to construct data input for customer relationship management, project management, property management, account management, and timesheets using the system. Role-based access management and real-time data synchronization between devices are included in the solution. Data backups are also automated using this system. Users may share table views, download particular files, incorporate barcode scanners, and send automated emails using Ninox’s APIs. Excel and CSV formats are available for data export. There is a native iOS app available.

Product from Ninox

Ninox Cloud: It is a collaborative program that allows all devices to work together. It works with Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, and other browsers. A free trial is available. Ninox for Mac: For a single user, Ninox App for Mac is the best alternative. Databases help to keep on your computer or in the iCloud. Ninox for iPad: Ninox is the most popular iPad database. As a single user, sync Ninox for iPad with either the Ninox Cloud or iCloud. Ninox for iPhone: Ninox for iPhone and Ninox for Mac is a fantastic fit. Ninox for Android: For the individual user, Ninox App for Android is the appropriate answer. Databases can be stored locally or in the cloud. Private Cloud: It provides a dedicated server with user control and location selection. Private Cloud on-premise: In the whole industry, the Ninox server version helps in controlling the network as a server. It helps in the collection of data and management of contacts in the web app. A complete address history includes in this template. For each contact, several phone numbers, emails, and postal addresses can add to assist in organizing the contacts in the cloud. Meetings: It helps to schedule appointments, meetings, and determination times and dates. Furthermore, they will all include on the calendar. It is possible to produce meeting reports to construct follow-up to-do lists. Events: It assists in creating the worldwide list of members or persons who should get invited. Keep track of each member’s invitation status for a certain event. Calculate the number of attendees automatically. Custom CRM: It facilitates the development of a custom CRM that is suited to the client’s individual needs. Optimize the process and save dozens of hours of critical time, allowing you to focus on what is most important to your clients. The most prevalent Ninox industries include Retail & Wholesale, Renewables & Environment, IT & Services, Management Consulting, Real Estate, Care, Med-Tech, Engineering, Hospital & Health Care, Construction & Workmanship, etc. Ninox presents the convictions and proof that people are more than simply assets or transactions towards gaining success. Employees, partners, customers, and followers are all encouraged to feel a feeling of belonging. Ninox helps to digitize the world.

Offering from Ninox

  • Using Ninox to automate business operations helps you to go from spreadsheets to a collaborative platform that is easy to modify.
  • It is beneficial to create Custom Apps using drag-and-drop tools to quickly arrange forms, charts, and reports.
  • Ninox operates on all devices — with or without internet access — allowing you to work from anywhere.
  • Fully adjustable choices take only a few clicks to build limitless forms, views, and graphs.
  • Ninox aids in workflow management by allowing businesses to access and organize data in the way they desire.
  • Ninox effortlessly processes massive amounts of data.
  • Its ease of use, simplicity, variety and processing speed are all very user-friendly.
  • Customer service is really quick and direct.
  • Online access is simple. Very simple to use and quick to alter and add to.
  • Ninox offers a simple-to-use database, outstanding customer service, and a great database environment that is very easy to configure.
  • Their cloud service allows you to access your data via a free iPhone app.



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