What is Stackby

Stackby is a process management tool that uses spreadsheets, built-in connectors, templates, and more to help organizations develop or automate processes, engage with team members, and coordinate operations. Supervisors may create bespoke forms with dropdown options, phone numbers, attachments, and other information and then embed them into company websites according to their needs. Administrators may import records from multiple CSV or XLS files to construct online databases in the form of customized spreadsheets. To collaborate on assignments, supervisors may use Stackby to chat with team members and add checklists or set up reminders. Organizations can also use grids, Kanban boards, calendars, galleries, and forms to visualize data. Mailchimp, GitHub, Instagram, Google Analytics, and other third-party systems may integrate with Stackby. Support provides by live chat, documentation, phone, and other online means, and it is accessible on a monthly or annual subscription basis.

Stackby Solutions

Online Database: It enables database creation and deployment without the need for programming or expertise. Templates for creating unique tools for commercial or personal use are available. With the online database, you can streamline your workflow and save time and resources. Marketing Stack: It assists in the management of end-to-end marketing initiatives in a single location. SEO and content, Marketing Campaigns, Video, Social Media, Marketing Analytics, and Email are all available to improve the process. Integrations: Several prominent business apps, such as Slack, Alphavantage, Clearbit, and others, have native connections with Stackby. Solutions Marketing: Plan, Manage, and Automate marketing initiatives from content operations to SEO to Video Production to Ad Campaigns — all in one spot. Sales: Lets construct relationships by intelligently linking records across tables, using lookup to bring particular information from another table, and aggregating connected records. Remote Work: It facilitates the consolidation of all data and communication into a single location, eliminating the need to ping-pong between various spreadsheets and email threads to keep in sync. Allow remote teams to be productive and on top of their game by providing them with the tools they need. Project Management: It assists in the creation of tasks on individual records as well as the setting of reminders to conclude the sale. Never skip a beat when it comes to getting things done. Collaborate in real-time with the team by leaving mention remarks for each record. Plan projects and collaborate as a team from any location. Who use Stackby The most prevalent Stackby industries are Communications, Services, Small Business, Government, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Public Services, Education, Retail, Logistic, Travel, Utilities, etc Vision Stackby’s objective is to give contemporary building blocks that allow anybody to create apps that meet their needs while preserving the simplicity of use of traditional tools and requiring no coding knowledge.

What Stackby Can Offer

  • Build and delegate jobs with information and due dates to particular users.
  • Manually or automatically set task deadlines and milestones.
  • Establish task priority levels to help people organize their work.
  • Without having access to other tasks, each user may see their list of tasks that need to be performed.
  • Drag and drop allow users to rearrange jobs and adjust dependencies.
  • Based on the project’s scope, plan and design a work breakdown structure (WBS).
  • Milestones, due dates, deliverables, and interdependencies can all be included in project plans.
  • Tasks, dependencies, and progress should all be shown visually.
  • The project management platform allows businesses and coworkers to connect and cooperate effectively from any location in real-time.
  • Layouts are a feature in Stackby that lets users arrange and view the data in any way they like.



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