What is Stacker

Stacker is indeed a no-code apps development platform that offers an application to assist developers in the development of software. It also provides application development tools such as intelligent spreadsheets, dynamic slide decks, and email filters, allowing developers to create their software from the ground up. Stacker is based in London, England, and was launched in 2017. It’s a cloud-based app creator that works with Google Sheets and Airtable to turn spreadsheets into bespoke apps. The platform offers app customization to give consumers straightforward data access. Client projects, job management, customer interactions, human resources, order management, and more may all benefit from using Stacker. Businesses may use Stacker to transform existing Google Sheets or Airtable spreadsheets into bespoke applications that are easy to access and comprehend for workers, customers, partners, and other stakeholders. Users may display their data in several ways, including lists, portals, graphs, maps, and more. Businesses may use Stacker to manage permissions and determine which users have access to which areas of the app. The most prevalent Stacker industries include Startups, Technology, EduProfit, Healthcare, etc. Vision Stacker’s goal is to create a future in which any organization may be established and managed entirely on software that it develops.

What Stacker can Offer

  • Collaborating Tools: Its collaborative function makes it easier for people to work together. A group of two or more people can use the instruments to achieve a shared aim or purpose.
  • File Sharing: The file-sharing feature aids in the distribution and accessibility of digital media like computer applications, multimedia, papers, and e-books.
  • Document Management: Receiving, tracking, managing, and storing papers is made easier with the document management system, which also helps to minimize paper usage. Most can keep track of all the many versions generated and edited by different users.
  • Drag & Drop: Its drag-and-drop pointing device motion assists users in selecting a virtual object by grabbing it and moving it to a new position or onto another virtual object.
  • Forms Creation & Design: Technical communicators might use form and document creation to assist them to create deliverables for their organizations or clients. Document design help generate documents that are easy to understand, compelling, and useful.
  • No-code: Instead of conventional computer programming, no-code development platforms allow programmers and non-programmers to construct application software utilizing graphical user interfaces and configuration.
  • Pre-built Templates: By allowing customers to purchase a template or theme, pre-built template-based websites assist in the building of websites. Creating websites utilizing those themes or templates may save money on graphic design and HTML coding, and many of them are packed with features and functionality.
  • Visual Modelling: The use of graphical languages to describe things and systems of interest is known as visual modeling. Its visual modeling assists both professionals and amateurs in comprehending otherwise complicated ideas.
  • Workflow Management: This workflow automation system is the framework for building, executing, and monitoring workflow applications, which are a collection of activities that must be completed in a certain order.

Why Stacker

  • Users may construct customized CRMs using data from tools like Airtable or Google Sheets. Users can choose which components of the data set are emphasized in the first edition of the app.
  • Teams may use Stacker to add a second level of communications to existing projects and tasks, allowing the user to interact in real-time.
  • The CRM capabilities of Stacker make account administration easier for teams in mid-size and big companies.



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