Top 5 Low-Code On-Premise App Development Platforms

14 min readFeb 20, 2024
best low-code onpremise app development platforms

Top 5 low-code On-Premise App Development Platforms for Non-Developers

Low-Code On-Premise App Development Platforms are gaining traction but bit slow compared to SaaS or PaaS models of Low-Code platforms. There is a lot of excitement around the potential of these platforms that utilize low-code application development to help users build applications with all complexity. Low-code, on-premise applications can be faster and with greater flexibility.

On-premise platforms can be built by development teams without requiring the assistance of a coding expert. This allows the companies to take advantage of the cost savings.

Why Low-Code On-Premise App Development


  • You have to learn a new language to get started with on-premise development
  • It’s too expensive to build an app. You’ve got too many other priorities to spend
  • Build an application with all the complexity

Why Low-Code — Low-code on-premise platforms are a better way to build an application with all the complexity you want without having to write code. low-code on-premise platform gives you the ability to develop with little to no time and money.

  • On-premise low code platforms are powerful and flexible.
  • On-premise low-code platforms offer a much faster time-to-market with a lower total cost of ownership.
  • With on-premise low-code platforms, you get an app that is tailored to your specific business needs.
  • The platform enables you to create complex apps with little to no development experience.

Quick Comparison

low-code on-promise app development platforms

Low-Code On-Premise App Development

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PrestaShop logo

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What is Prestashop

PrestaShop, being a top e-commerce platform in Europe and Latin America, enables any company to grow its online sales and achieve its goals without limitations. PrestaShop, which is based on an open-source model, allows any merchant to run their e-commerce project from anywhere in the world, benefiting from a solution that is fully customizable and adaptable to each market.
Two unique modules are required to customize an online store. The first module is essential for making simple modifications, while the second is a sophisticated module that allows users to personalize their online shop by modifying the code. Users also need access to JavaScript, HTML, and CSS files for these reasons.
PrestaShop: While utilizing the power of the CMS, the PrestaShop e-commerce Starter Pack will assist businesses in putting the product catalog online, acquiring the first visitors, and converting them into customers. The Symfony framework underpins PrestaShop. It has around 600 functionalities, and there are over 5,000 modules and themes accessible in the marketplace or built-in.
PrestaShop Experts: To get the entire list of PrestaShop specialists, sort by the talents users require the budget and their location. To construct and expand the online business, all users have to do is choose the Web agency or marketing firm that best meets their needs! Due to their competence and experience, Platinum partners are worldwide and experienced firms that have attained the highest level in the PrestaShop partnership program.
Healthcare, Educational, E-Commerce, Agriculture, Real Estate, etc. are the best PrestaShop users, want to simplify, digitize, and automate expert procedures and services.
PrestaShop wants to become the reference commerce platform for the growth of businesses across the world, based on its principles of boldness, closeness, tenacity, and engagement, as a vital partner in the digitization of commerce.

What PrestaShop can Offer

  • Create a future-proof e-commerce platform to boost the CTR and income as their business expands.
  • As your business grows, the PrestaShop Platform allows the user to select and distribute the website.
  • Improve business SEO performance and mobile experience to attract and keep new consumers.
  • If the customers prefer to pick up their order from the store, they may use the Click & Collect module to choose a period.
  • With the MailChimp module, users can easily develop and send email campaigns to engage the consumers and boost sales.
  • While utilizing the power of the CMS, the PrestaShop e-commerce Starter Pack will assist businesses in putting the product catalog online, acquiring the first visitors, and converting them into customers.
  • In the extremely competitive eCommerce industry, creating an unforgettable brand is critical to your long-term success.
  • Because online retailers are not confined by any geographical limits, anybody may trade items and services with people from all over the world.
  • PrestaShop comes with a slew of features that are almost non-existent on other comparable eCommerce systems.

Why PrestaShop

  • PrestaShop is simple to install from the open-source software’s official website.
  • When it comes to using PrestaShop, no technical experience is necessary. This is because its bespoke design is easy and convenient.
  • PrestaShop offers a basic design and a user-friendly backend interface.
  • PrestaShop supports a variety of languages and currencies, making localization a breeze.

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builder review logo

Custom Pricing, Enterprise Edition, Free Trial, Annual Subscription, Free Package, Monthly payment
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eCommerce & Online Shopping, Enterprise Integrations, On-Premise App Development
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What is Builder

Builder is a no-code platform that focuses on e-Commerce performance. Many coding frameworks can’t optimize pictures as well as Builder’s visual no-code platform. Its non-technical staff can develop rich, on-brand digital marketing and merchandising material that effortlessly fits into the buying experience thanks to its headless content platform. It enables faster and more efficient site adjustments that have a direct influence on the bottom line. Integrations React, Next, Gatsby, Qwik API, Shopify, Vue, Nuxt, Angular, REST API, GraphicQL, JS, Webco, and other popular business apps and services can all be integrated with Builder to build rich, quick experiences that scale.

Solution by Builder

E-COMMERCE: Connect the Shopify data to content with ease.

CONTENT MANAGEMENT: Contentstack is a pioneer in headless CMS, providing a cutting-edge content center and digital experience platform.

DESIGN: Figma allows users to design, prototype, and collect feedback all in one spot. Import designs into directly.

TOOLS: Using a single click, navigate and change any Builder content on your site with our Chrome extension!

SEARCH: With Algolia’s sophisticated search API, businesses can provide relevant material to consumers in milliseconds.

DEPLOYMENT: Deploy website applications that give frontend developers and end-users the greatest experience possible. ISV: From inside Builder, use the official Cloudinary Media Library widget to access the Cloudinary picture assets.

REWARDS: Make the most of business customer acquisition efforts by converting transactional sales into brand champions.

CHAT: Live Chat is available for sales and customer service.

EMAIL: Freeware tools for building email lists, increasing conversions, and increasing revenues. SUPPORT: Zendesk improves customer service.

LOCALIZATION: Translate the business into several other languages.

PERSONALIZATION: A new type of data-driven customization and merchandising can make you grow. Vision Make it possible for everyone to create digital experiences and bring new ideas to life. To appeal to both developers and non-developers, connect visualization to existing software systems.

What Builder Can Offer

  • Builder’s framework makes it easier than ever to create, manage, and optimize digital experiences on any website or app.
  • Builder works with nearly any program, whether it’s homemade or third-party.
  • When you press Publish in the visual editor, it automatically creates a speed-optimized page. • Without relying on professionals, you may add complex digital experiences to your website by dragging and dropping.
  • Signup forms, announcement bars, buttons, goods, themes, code blocks, and favorite applications may all be customized by dragging and dropping text, photos, videos, and animations.
  • Integrate designs from Figma with a single click, or start dragging and dropping to create your own.
  • Change current pages or drag and drop to build unique experiences anywhere on the website, including the homepage, landing pages, product pages, blogs, carts, and checkouts.
  • Symbolizes announcement bars, signup forms, promotion banners, navbars, and footers, among other things.
  • Allows users to drag and drop any element, segment, or even a whole page onto a template to reuse as they build up the site.
  • Reduce feedback loops and accelerate time to market. In minutes, drag and drop to create, preview, share, modify, and publish experiences to the web.
  • Assign responsibilities depending on desired access and permissions to define input material, as well as the ability to influence design using any authorized design system.
  • From a single location, publish new content and changes to all of your sites, apps, and channels.
  • Builder’s built-in high-speed A/B testing makes it simple to test your messaging, pictures, CTAs, page layout, and more, or you can continue to use your favorite testing tool alongside Builder.
  • Bring your personalization tool or use our built-in feature to customize experiences depending on any criteria, such as ad campaign, new vs. returning customers, surfing behavior, and so on.
  • Analyse top-of-funnel performance, conversions, and even revenue statistics with our built-in analytics and heat maps. Custom event tracking or data streaming to analytics systems can take things a step further.
  • Sync material and functionality from your in-house systems, eCommerce platforms, favorite applications, and more.
  • Check that the interface suits your team’s workflow needs and, if necessary, create specific roles and permissions.

Why Builder

  • Simply preview and change material on a laptop, tablet, or mobile device until it’s perfect.
  • With the touch of a button, instantly publish content to the site or app.
  • To schedule campaigns, you may easily schedule content to go live.
  • Builder connects to the eCommerce platform or backend system directly.
  • Without relying on coders, create end-to-end digital experiences.
  • Any site layout, e-commerce platform, and backend system may be used with Builder.

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Microsoft Power Apps

Analyst Choice 3

MS powerapps logo

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What is Microsoft Power Apps

Power Apps were created by Microsoft to allow you to create business apps based on data. It allows to construct the app that best meets the needs of database, all without having to know any programming or development. The apps can be fully integrated with Microsoft solutions or other IT tools in your company. Power Applications aids in the development of custom applications that enhance team communication and information sharing.

Power Apps is distinguished by the fact that it is a code-free app builder. Its user-friendly interface was designed with the purpose of letting as many people as possible to create the apps they need. Save time and money on training and coding and get the best solution for your business. Setting up bespoke apps can be expensive, and developer availability may not always coincide with the production timeline. Tiny and extremely small firms, for example, may not be able to pay it. Fortunately, with Power Apps, Microsoft wanted to democratize application development, assisting organizations of all sizes in achieving their growth objectives. Products: Al Builder, Automate Processes, Azure + Power Apps, Build Apps, Connect data, Portals

What Microsoft Power Apps Can Offer

  • Microsoft Power Apps lets you spend less time looking for the right app for your organization. It was created with the needs and data of the process in mind, so that anybody may construct the bespoke solutions required.
  • With Power Apps, you may design a tool that is tailored to the size and nature of your company team. Power Apps may be used on PCs, smartphones, and tablets to create a warehouse management system that is tailored to the items.
  • With Power Apps, you can design an application that allows workers to access crucial client data. The app will be developed on top of your company’s database, giving you access to your customers’ contact information, order history, and even billing information.
  • When it comes to running a business, Power Apps provides you the ability to make decisions quickly.

Why Microsoft Power Apps

  • With effective app installation, using Power Apps makes workers’ duties easier. Every job that has to be automated, for example, may be collected into a single application that can then be quickly set up.
  • Empower the business team to get started designing and releasing apps right away with prebuilt templates, drag-and-drop simplicity, and speedy deployment, then iterate as required.
  • Allow anybody to build the apps they desire with advanced capabilities previously only available to professional developers, including AI components that are already built in.
  • Professional developers may easily extend app functionality to proprietary or on-premises systems using Azure Functions and custom connectors.

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Drupal logo

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What is Drupal

Drupal is a leading cloud-based open source content management system that allows you to create and publish content on your website. The platform’s features include merchandising, content development, reporting, and content sharing, to name a few. To regulate the content creation process, content workflows may be established using Drupal’s content architecture functionality. Furthermore, content marketers may use the platforms to tag important keywords, making their material easier to find in search engines. Users may alter the content of a website based on location, brand, and marketing campaigns using multisite management tools. Site designers may also distribute material in a variety of forms, including PDF, video, HTML, and Flash. The site also offers SEO tools and supports marketers with the construction of promotional campaigns (SEO) Drupal allows users to construct mobile-friendly web apps that can be browsed on smartphones and tablets. Facebook, LinkedIn, MailChimp, Twitter, Zendesk, and Box are all integrated with the system.

Dropal for Developers: Drupal is an open-source content management system (CMS) that enables you to create large-scale digital experiences that are ambitious, beautiful, and performant. Build the web of the future with an API-first design, comprehensive configuration management, and unprecedented extensibility.

Drupal for Marketing: Drupal is a critical component of your marketing ecosystem, providing content-first, commerce-first, and community-first marketing solutions to help businesses reach the most ambitious business objectives. As a comprehensive web solution or multi-channel, its representation in-market is as distinctive as the brand, thanks to flexible design and remarkable scalability.

Dropal for Agencies: Using Drupal digital experiences to spread the client’s brand, create engagement, and drive conversions, users can help them achieve their business goals. Customizable and adaptable to meet the needs of the client. Using Drupal’s API-first architecture and third-party connectors, create the ideal solution. Take advantage of the world’s greatest open source community.

Dropal 9: Drupal 9 pushes all of Drupal 8’s features forward and continues to innovate with new features twice a year.

Retail, FinTech, Sports & Entertainment, Decoupled, Travel & Tourism, High Tech, eCommerce, Nonprofit and NGOs, Healthcare, Higher Ed, Media & Publishing, Government, etc. are the best Dropal users, wanting to simplify, digitize, and automate expert procedures and services.

People’s capacity to publish, collaborate, and exchange information online is critical to how they communicate. Drupal has such a significant influence on the digital world that we cannot afford to be sloppy. It takes a lot of effort to prioritize security, privacy, accessibility, multilingual capabilities, and usability, but it’s well worth it.

What Drupal can Offer

  • Drupal’s typical features include simple content writing, dependable speed, and strong security. Its versatility, though, is what sets it distinct. Its features help in creating the flexible, organized material required for dynamic online experiences.
  • Users can customize it with one or more of the thousands of add-ons available. Alternatively, connect Drupal with the infrastructure’s external services and other applications. There is no other content management system that is as powerful and scalable as this one.
  • Drupal is a free and open-source project. Anyone may download, use, collaborate on, and share it. Drupal and its extensions are developed in collaboration by over a thousand organizations.
  • Intuitive solutions that enable business users to benefit from Drupal’s capability.
  • New cutting-edge capabilities, allowing us to reach new digital channels while also enhancing the content management basis.
  • Integrate a multichannel message environment that is both varied and simple.
  • To expand content across silos, users can decouple the front-end and back-end.

Why Drupal

  • Drupal is an open-source content management system with a large user base.
  • All of Drupal’s features are compliant with the World Wide Web Consortium’s rules and accessibility features.
  • A Drupal developer may construct and edit a website, as well as distribute information to consumers, on a well-known platform.
  • It provides documentation and discussion forums for developers willing to wade through the often choppy seas of the Drupal installation.

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Analyst Choice 5

uipath logo

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What is UiPath

Process design is a feature of UiPath that allows users to utilize a flow chart to construct rules for data management in business applications. Salesforce, Google Apps, and Microsoft solutions are among the major business solutions that may be integrated with the solution. UiPath also comes with a template library that allows users to customize templates for common workflows. Additionally, the software supports both desktops and Citrix-based apps. UiPath’s Studio Community platform allows teams and individuals to access online training materials and communicate on software issues. Products: Automation Cloud, Automation Suite, Automation Hub, Task Capture, Process Mining, Task Mining, StudioX, Integration Service, Orchestrator, AI Center, Test Manager, Robots, Chatbots, and more products of UiPath.

What UiPath Offers

With complete transparency and control, discover and manage any automation opportunity. Empower everyone in the company to create and engage in automation to reap the rewards. Using drag-and-drop AI and ready-to-use templates, you can automate more processes, quicker. Make sure your company has the governance, security, scalability, and performance it needs. Process Mining and Task Mining deliver AI-powered insights into organizational processes and day-to-day operations. You may utilize Task Capture to document work as it is finished automatically. Automation Hub allows you to crowdsource, evaluate, prioritize, and document automation ideas. API connectors are available in a large and increasing library. Triggers on the server to initiate automated operations Authentication made easier API governance at the corporate level Ability to combine APIs, UI, and AI in any way Monitor robots using the CrowdStrike Falcon sensor, alerting systems, and dashboards, just as you would people. At the individual robot level, you can easily assign permissions and track activities. Users: The most common industries that employ UiPath systems are Banking & Finance Services, Healthcare, Insurance, Public Sector, Manufacturing, Retail, Telecom

Why UiPath

  • It features a large library of pre-built drag-and-drop actions in its activity library. Because credentials may be saved and encrypted on a single server, UiPath enables high-level security.
  • Recording-Uipath provides recorders for desktop applications as well as emulators for automation building. Third-Party Integration — From IBM Watson to Google, we can plug in a variety of technologies.
  • Powerful Debugging — It also has a number of debugging features that are both easy and versatile.

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