What is Xpoda

Xpoda is a no-code technology that offers a visual development environment that allows anyone to drag and drop graphic elements to create a business application. The best-in-class online development environment is Xpoda Studio, a visual development environment. Without writing a single line of code, you can design and construct business applications. Xpoda has everything you’ll need to develop and launch your app in minutes. Using traditional development methodologies to create enterprise-level sophisticated apps might be dangerous. You will go live faster than you ever imagined with the Xpoda No Code Platform. Xpoda develops to deliver several business software and demonstrates that you can create any form of business application without difficulty. Xpoda enables to creation, implementation, and connection of business apps with business existing ERP systems in a variety of CRM and SCM applications. Platform Xpoda accelerates outcomes and empowers digital transformation with frictionless connections. The ability to adapt swiftly to changes in the corporate environment is critical to success. Reacting to change using traditional development methodologies is virtually always painful. Users of Xpoda will be able to construct apps with a very sharp learning curve using your existing resources. Digital Transformation: The core of digital transformation is application software. Automate the business and have access to the data from any location and on any device. Employees, consumers, and suppliers may all be connected online. Xpoda provides a wide selection of tools for the company’s digitalization process. BPM tools, extensive integration capabilities, a BI-ready system, and click-and-install Application Templates are just a few of the features available. Who use Xpoda The most prevalent Xpoda industries are Communications, Services, Government, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Public Services, Education, logistics, etc. Xpoda’s objective is to guarantee that the simple programming environment it provides does not sacrifice any features.

What Xpoda Offers

  • The Xpoda platform allows businesses to react and adapt to changes in their business environment fast. Throughout its existence, the application must be updated and adapted to business developments. One can quickly update and manage your live apps with the help of Xpoda.
  • Xpoda is available in both cloud and on-premise versions, depending on business requirements. On the cloud, users can scale the business as it expands. With an on-premise installation, customers can manage your company’s resources.
  • Users may make your site available as a mobile application for Apple iOS and Android OS devices.
  • In Xpoda Studio, users can use a grid approach to build responsive designs that look great on all sorts of displays and at any resolution.
  • You have complete control over the data using Xpoda. Users can save the online projects developed with Xpoda Studio for offline or On-Premise use.
  • Boost business digital transformation by 20x using Xpoda’s fast development technique. Develop your applications quickly and get them online as soon as possible. With Xpoda’s agile development tools, users may obtain faster business results.
  • It’s never been easier to visualize your data and generate smart insights.
  • Using Xpoda Assistant and the Web API, users can easily integrate their apps without scripting.
  • To provide consistent user experiences, Xpoda operates on industry-leading cloud infrastructures like Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. • Xpoda Studio is a familiar and simple to use development environment provided by Xpoda.

Why Xpoda

  • Users can update or generate HTML, JavaScript, or CSS code with this tool.
  • Users can change or create custom code using development tools.
  • Makes things to insert brand logos, colors, phrases, and other private information.
  • Create page sequences, forms, and libraries to help users traverse the software.



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